5 thoughts on “Christina McField”

  1. I really like the idea of a neon sign series. These images make me want to know more about these businesses–who runs them, when they started, and their value to the communities in which they reside, but still, I like that we don’t get more information. It leaves all of that information up to the viewer’s imagination. By photographing the signs at night, you give a liveliness to the places that they wouldn’t have during the daytime (I’d imagine them more run-down looking). The cut-off flag in the second photograph is a bit distracting but hard to avoid, especially with the centrality you chose that works so well.

  2. These images really create a mood for me. The soft glow of the neon light captures the texture of surrounding buildings, poles, flags, etc. I would love to see these in a series of 100 in a gallery space. I would also like to see the neon signs shot at different angles, from up high, down low, etc. Overall these are really nice.

  3. Great job with these pictures. I like how both of them create such a nice glow from the signs, but each in different ways. The first one makes me wonder where/what this place is. The second makes me curious as to know whose house that sign is on, as we see a very dim resemblance of a house behind the sign. I like the high contrast and the dark blacks in each of the photos. Along with the similarities in the signs in each, I like how that is another connecting factor between the two. I think it would help the viewer a bit more if we were aware of your artist statement for these, however. But great job.

  4. Christina,

    I like the concept of capturing the neon signs in the dark. I am wondering how the images would look if taken at dusk so more depth would be present in the image. Also there seems to be some blurring. I’m curious as to if this is in the actual photo or due to the web-based viewing.

    Best Regards,

  5. Love the glow of the neon. I am interested as to what your idea behind capturing these images is. It is nostalgic to me. There is a definite mood set by the diffused lighting of neon in the night.

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