Mississippi State University, photography

Lauren Ingram


Lauren Ingram
ART 3873: Digital Photography
Digital Print; 11″ x 14″
There are 5 total images.

For my images we were doing a project on Dramatic Lighting. I wanted to focus on natural light. I was trying to capture how sunlight looks in the evenings when shining through trees. The sunlight creates abstract patterns and shapes when shining through the trees(and through the leaves and branches), I was trying to capture these details in my photos.​

3 thoughts on “Lauren Ingram”

  1. I really like the natural lights coming. I also like the shadows from the trees. I am glad that you were trying to capture the sunlight in the evenings. I understand it creates abstract patterns and shapes.

  2. Natural lighting shining through trees can be very beautiful. The shadows and lines created by light make a great composition and the beautiful illumination of the grass becomes a great texture.

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