9 thoughts on “Maegan Bedells”

  1. Compositionally I think each photo is beautiful. I’m currently doing a natural lighting/ dramatic lighting project of my own, and I can really relate to these photographs, and they remind me of my own style of photography as well which I like! I also really like the glare on the stove in the bottom photo, and how the curtain in the top photo kind of divides up the pictures. Great job!

  2. I think it’s great that you were assigned a project on dramatic lighting and went straight to a window.

    I don’t find the first image particularly effective because it looks directly at the light source. This angle can be dramatic when it produces silhouettes, but it usually doesn’t work as well as directional lighting.

    If you put a person or object next to a window, and shoot it so that the light falls on one side of the subject (like every Vermeer painting), the result is light that models the figure very well. It brings out the shape of the subject while balancing very nice diffused light on one side with dramatic shadows on the other.

    Up the contrast, and you’ll have a striking image.

  3. I really enjoy the concept of your two photos, dealing with the dramatic lighting. However, I think the first one was much more effective in regards to your concept than the second one is. I guess I don’t really see the dramatic lighting in the second one as I do so clearly in the first. I really enjoy the simplicity that is so evident in the first one and how clearly you succeeded in conveying your intention with dramatic lighting. The lighting coming directly from the window is a great place to look for such dramatic lighting. Great job.

  4. Maegan,

    Of the two photographs the first one really presents dramatic lighting. I like the use or enhancement of color in this image. It’s hard for me to tell what is actually captured. It’s ambiguous. I think it’s a bed and ruffled pillow.

    The second photograph of the stove has a nice diagonal composition, but I think the light is more even and could be a stronger key on the brass container.

    Best Regards,

  5. I really enjoy the concept. Focusing on lighting and light patterns is a beautiful subject. I think that is really achieved in the top photo. The bottom one is very subtle, which I don’t think is a bad thing, but I would not exactly consider it to be “dramatic lighting”. Pay attention to the type of light, artificial or natural, as that plays out very differently! I would be interesting to see the same object with both types of dramatic lighting cast onto it..

  6. The drapes in the first image really capture this idea of contrast, both in lights and darks and where the color transitions dramatically from saturated colors to desaturated colors. It would be interesting to see different angled and perspectives and distances for the drapes, because you might capture the subject of dramatic lighting more clearly if the image were even more dominated by the drapes.
    The second image might benefit from this as well.

  7. I really like your first photo. The combination of the stark light and the diffused light coming through the translucent drapes adds a nice subtlety to the lighting. I also think that your choice in photographing inanimate objects is interesting. When I think of dramatic lighting, cinematic lighting usually comes to mind.

  8. I can really relate to this, as I did a similar series of “ordinary” scenes in my apartment for a black and white photography class last year. There’s something so magical about making common objects and spaces seem not so common. The image of the stove captures this concept well, as you’ve succeeded in turning it from an ordinary appliance into something that demands attention.

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