5 thoughts on “Maegan Bedells”

  1. I really like the many surface types depicted in the first photo. They make a simple, somewhat boring image much more interesting!

  2. I love the lighting in these. It’s always interesting seeing the ways in which other people can capture the feeling of the way light looks. I don’t know if that makes sense, but we see shadows and light all the time everywhere we go. There have been countless of times when I’ve seen a door with light peaking into the hallway, but that first photo captures it differently.

  3. There is great use of lighting in both of these! The top one has great composition, but the both could use maybe a change in angle of view rather than just straight on. Very crisp images!

  4. I think the second image is more successful. While the first meets the requirements for dramatic light, the subject is not interesting. If there was something else in the scene it would probably be more successful. Like something “peeking” around the door.

  5. These are good examples of dramatic lighting, but the second one I feel is your strongest image. You took the topic created a well exposed image that reflects the dramatic lighting you wanted to go for. The first image’s lighting is very on point direct but it is more subtle that the second image. Overall, your photographs look great and would love to see more images from this series.

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