6 thoughts on “Paul Prudhomme”

  1. The lighting in this image is highly thought out and extremely well executed. The subject matter creates a beautiful and unique feeling due to the character of the car and what looks like a jelly fish coming off of a shopping cart. All technical choices help to achieve an surreal and beautiful look to the image.

  2. This is such a well composed image, as well as extremely thought out. The warm tones verse cool tones create a great dynamic and I am very interesting in hearing the story behind this photo.

  3. This is a beautiful image. I am mostly intrigued by the car and the light of the scene. I think the shopping cart with the balloon allows the viewer an open and mysterious narrative but where the car and cart meet looks a little awkward to me. Watch intersecting lines, just a small shift to the right would have solved. Otherwise, a very well composed and captivating picture

  4. This image is very interesting. It feels like a frame from an old movie. Objects are very simple but the image is very intriguing and the lighting is good.

  5. Great lighting on this photo. My only concern is with the flare in the upper right corner. It’s a bit distracting. Maybe if it was edited and dulled down, it would help to balance the image a bit more.

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