11 thoughts on “Ronnie Robinson”

  1. Love this succession of photos. Your subject is the perfect cute, little blonde girl to be grabbing a knife so eerily. The high-contrast lighting is sets the murderous mood and the first photo’s spotlight makes her look like a deer caught in headlights (in this case, a little girl caught stealing a big knife from the kitchen at night). The next photo, though, shows that she did not actually get caught, and is on to her next step. I love that you chose to photograph only the back of her in the second–that’s all the information we need and it makes for a mysterious composition.

  2. I love the lighting in these two photographs. It reminds me of a horror movie. It’s very ominous. The subject matter is a nice exploration of the uncanny with the juxtaposition between the little girl and the potentially violent act she is about to commit. Also, kudos for getting the expressions you wanted from the little girl. Working with children can be difficult.

  3. I think this is a great series that you’re working on. I love the narrative behind this story, and how it can be interpreted in so many different ways by different people. I love how the lighting is so dramatic that it gives off that “Horror” movie vibe, and the overall tone of the piece is very intense and creepy which I love. Good job creating the tones and vibes in this series!

  4. These images are great. They really work well together and tell a complex story with both the subject matter and the dramatic lighting. I like the close up of the girl in the first image, and wish that it would have carried through to the second image. The fact that the subject is photographed at her height has a different affect than that of someone standing above her, and to keep it consistent would make a stronger connection between the images. The mood is definitely that of a horror movie, that is evident.

  5. Love the concept of these photos. Definitely creepy. I love the lighting in the first photo, and the shadows that are cast upon the little girls face and body. In the second photo I enjoy the darkness around the little girl because I would love to see where she’s headed just by the placement of light coming in from her right side.

  6. It seems really popular right now to make creepy photos of children and images of violent pretense. Though you’ve got a good little actress on your hands and the setup is technically done well, I am SOOOO done with this kind of subject matter. Start broadening your concepts.

  7. Love the use of angles for these shots. The way the shots are set up helps emphasize her small size which makes everything even more frightening to me.
    This girl is just above doorknob height; just tall enough to reach things on top of the counter and we see her about to do something potentially horrendous with a knife.
    Very cinematic, I could easily see these being stills from a horror movie

  8. Whoa! These look like screenshots from a trailer about a killer girl. The use of light in both images makes for a scary feel. I really love how the subject is walking towards the darkness of the hallway. It gives it an even more eerie feel.

  9. These photographs paint a very interesting concept for everyone, including myself. The lighting you used is fitting for the subject. Controversial subject matter is not always the easiest thing to photograph, well done.

  10. I love these two pictures. I love the contrast between the little girl wearing a cute pink sundress and the knife. It makes me wonder what she is planning on doing with the knife. Something sinister? The expression on her face in the first image also draws me in. She seems to be scared but determined. I want to know what was going through her head while the picture was being taken. The second picture seems to be taken right from a horror movie with the way she is walking down the hallway with the knife in her hand.

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