3 thoughts on “Sandra Tapia”

  1. I like the idea you have going, but I feel that it can be expressed in a more refined manner. It would certainly be interesting to explore how the artists hand is present in the context of photography. We, as the photographer, are always in the photo somehow. 🙂 Keep exploring!

  2. The concept of this idea is interesting but I feel the images don’t relate as well with it. I would love to see images that focus on the off moments, where the photographer is integrated into their work. Moments like these are hard to capture but I feel you can achieve this, without having your images seem less staged. I would also suggest to work with different types of lighting, especially dramatic that would really bring out these images.

  3. I feel like while these images aren’t super “posey posey”, they still are obviously posed and don’t necessarily follow your intended description (in my opinion).
    I feel like perhaps action shots of the model would make more sense. Because I feel like that sentiment is very true that you don’t just capture an image, you get captured in it. And as a photographer I know how involved physically and emotionally you can get during a shoot. So I personally don’t think someone standing around with a camera or doing a portrait pose best captures that. I feel like the person photographing how they want to or wandering/talking/interacting how they would normally would be a better thing to capture than any semi-posed picture.

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