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Tyler Bolhuis



Tyler Bolhuis
ART-227 Digital Photography
Digital Photographs

Statement:  I was in Chicago on a family vacation, and took along my camera to take some shots of this beautiful American city.  I am currently in a intro level photography class, and put my newly learned skills to the test.  Thanks, and enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Tyler Bolhuis”

  1. Beautiful blues! Very crisp images, and good composition. The saturation also works very well in these images, I was immediately drawn to them. I also like how in the bottom image, the tip of the building touches the horizon line, although it was unintentional.

  2. These are gorgeous. Between the clouds, the blue of the sky, the composition, these photos really pop for me. I like that you added some foreground to the cityscape with the green bushes. It definitely changes the way the photo would read if it weren’t there (I guess it would make it look more industrial?). You’ve added bits and pieces of nature into these very industrial areas and whether or not it was on purpose, it alters the way we see the buildings.

  3. Beautiful photos! Beautiful blue and white too! I enjoy how clear the sky is and I think you captured the motion of the clouds too. Also great compositions in both photos too. You included those gorgeous buildings in Chicago but they are not completely dominant. On the other hand, those buildings looked harmonious with nature. Great job!

  4. The alignment of these compositions is so spot on it is almost intimidating. There is serenity, yet tension in seeing hard man-made lines existing so beautifully with those in nature. Almost as if one is trying to tame the other.
    Great use of color, and again, great layout.

  5. These are very well composed and positioned. The sky makes for such a beautiful texture and the bright colors are eye popping. I love the reflection of the sky on the buildings.

  6. For the top one, I really enjoy how you captured this. Your horizon line is even and the color balance draws your eye to the photo and makes it stand out 🙂

  7. Upon looking at these images, I was immediately drawn to the sky, and how vibrant the colors are. I really like the composition of the photographs as well, how the first one juxtaposes the skyscrapers above the trees, and how the second really showcases that horizon with the beautiful clouds and lake.

  8. These photos are gorgeous!! The colors are very vibrant. The subjects in the photos are also very symmetrical which makes them interesting to me. I like the first on the best because its very balanced within the frame.

  9. I like the repetition in these photographs as well as how vivid the colors are. I like that most of the photographs are grays, whites, and blues which creates a unity.

  10. Very nice photos! I really enjoy the different shades of blue! The different shades compliment each other very well and make these images very intense, but give them a peaceful feeling at the same time.

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