photography, St. Norbert College

Ben Erickson



Ben Erickson
ART 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
digital prints

The images that I have are among a series of three. The two images I chose are the first two photos out of three in the series.

The meaning of this series of photos is to show that we humans don’t last forever here on Earth and it is important to make our mark/impact in life, even though our bodies (signature) won’t last forever. It is up to the viewers to use their imagination and think about what impact are they going to make in their lives?

10 thoughts on “Ben Erickson”

  1. These are really gorgeous photos aesthetically and compositionally. I especially love the top photo, where the sun is just peaking over the horizon. It is an incredibly majestic and calming sight. I like your idea behind the photos as well, thinking about what impact you’re going to have on the world; however, when I saw this, it made me think more about the ephemerality of human life–the aspect about how we will not be here forever. Just like how your signature will soon wash away. More than what legends people will leave, it makes me contemplate how humans have impacted the earth in general and how that impact will remain even after our short individual lives.

  2. These are gorgeous photos, though I’m not sure how I feel about the decision to keep the name entirely in the middle of the shot. Regardless, you clearly put some thought into what time of day you wanted to capture this and it definitely shows. The color scheme is beautiful and I love how the colors in the name changes from slightly black to more bright as the sun lines up with the writing in the background.

  3. Great job with these pictures. I am very interested to see the rest of the pictures in your series. I really like the choice you made to include the sunset in the background. I think that was a very wise choice that added a lot to your composition. Further, the idea behind your series is very intricate and creative. I like that you choice to represent bodies with signatures. But just as others have commented, I think it would be nice to make the signature a bit not centered. But overall, nice job.

  4. My first question was actually where is this glass located? Is it a car window, house window, and if so then who’s house? I like the ambiguity just because it’s almost as if the glass represents the type and location of the life each person holds, and how they choose to leave a mark on it.

  5. These have a very personal (signature) and human nature touch to it. It’s an interesting narrative to think about: humans and nature or human nature. Of the two, I think the bottom, cooler image is more successful, in that we can understand that there is a background of trees and a setting/rising sun. The background is less abstracted and a little more gentle than the warmer, more textured top image.

  6. These are beautiful photos. I like the idea that you have as far as your concept, although I am not sure that the photo completely tells that story. I would try to develop what you are hoping to achieve a bit more within your photos.

  7. These are very beautiful images and the lighting really brings the pieces together. I would like to see more development in the series, a suggestion would be to have others put their signature on glass. I like the idea that you have for the photographs, that not everything in this world lasts. It is interesting to use this concept because photography is something that is permanent when an image is taken, I would like to see you work more with this idea, not only with signatures, but with different techniques as well.

  8. The sense of light you show in these images focusing on natural light is beautiful! I like the idea showing that we as humans are fleeting. I wonder how you could push these even farther?

  9. i love the concept and theme you are using in these photos. the natural lighting working great to give it that really dramatic effect and feeling of slipping away into the darkness to be forgotten.

  10. The lighting in the first photo is impressive. It feels more like a metal surface instead of glass, but I find it hard to understand the meaning behind these two photos without the description.

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