4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Kinsella”

  1. Leaving the eyes out is definitely disturbing, for me. We’re up close and personal, but are shut out from their gaze. I think something to explore would be getting a subject in a more intimate situation/experience and cut out the audience in a similar manner. It would be a paradox of inviting the audience, but also shutting them out.

  2. I like the idea of talking about space and intruding on that boundary of personal space. I am not sure that I am totally getting that from these photos. I think the top photo is hinting at that idea, but I would say to push it further. Really exaggerate what you are trying to get across. I would try to appear more as a paparazzi and get all up in someones space to take a picture. If we can see that there are parts of the body that are left out of the photo because you were too close to capture the whole body, then we know that you were in their comfort zone. As far as the eyes being cut out, there is a very strong emotion that is translated without eyes. The eyes give so much to a photo and to remove them creates this anonymity that changes a photo dramatically. I would work on the way you frame to exclude the eyes a bit, but overall the photo is definitely altered because of a lack of emotion in the eyes.

  3. My favorite image is the second photo, although both are great experimentation on what happens we exclude the eyes from the frame. The second photo achieves a lot of personality due to it being more intimate, in that personal space which can be surprising. The blur though of the head, especially around the lips and chin, are what really makes this effective of what you set out to achieve and experiment with.

  4. I really like your concept that you’re portraying here. The idea of cutting off the eyes in the photographs to capture the idea of intruding on physical space is really interesting and I haven’t thought about that concept yet. The only problem I have is that I wish the second photo was a little more in focus. The blurriness is somewhat distracting when I look at the picture, and isn’t really capturing my attention as much as the first one is. Overall good concept, maybe just work a little on keeping the pictures more crisp!

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