10 thoughts on “Heather Zimmer”

  1. Nice job with this one. I think the composition as a whole is very successful and the cool colors together make it a very relaxing photograph. I really like the picture but I am a bit confused as to what you think, in regards to your statement, we take for granted in this. I really like that you kept the forest out of focus and the dew in focus, but I am not sure how exactly that relates to your statement. But overall, I love this picture and the composition. Great job!

  2. I think the coloring and details are great in this photograph! You did a really good job capturing the beauty in the things that we take for granted in everyday life, such as condensation on a window. There’s definitely a mysterious vibe coming off of this photograph which adds to the picture in a really nice way. Overall I think you did a really good job with showing off something we take for granted! Good job!

  3. I wish you had described what you personally take for granted and why this shows that, but at the same time it leaves it more open for the viewer to interpret.

  4. Compositionally this is beautiful. I am both clear and unclear about what I am looking at. On one hand it looks like a photo and on the other, a painting. I love the soft focus and painterly qualities. It would be beautiful printed on a large scale.

  5. The composition as well as the colors of the image bring it together well. The concept of the photograph is what drew me in the most because we as humans tend to forget the simplicities in nature that make us human. Focusing on the dew is something that we all look at, and I personally find very beautiful as well as relaxing to view.Sometimes in this world we need to slow down and take a look around us to really start to understand who we are as well as nature. You image speaks well about this, and would love to see more work that centers around this idea.

  6. I love how you composed this image. By leaving that space on the right with no condensation it creates further emphasis on the condensation that you did photograph. In fact, It that area resembles an arrowhead and seems to be pointing at the droplets of water.

  7. I really like the image. It has a dream like quality. It can be interpreted in many different ways, so I think many different people can connect to it.
    Technically it is a good photo, the right side being slightly darker is kind of distracting.

  8. I love photographers who capture the beautiful things in everyday life. Things like colorful rust on a pop can at the side of the road, or ivy growing up an old cottage are truly beautiful. I love the cool colors in this image, it is very meditative. I almost feel like I am looking out of this window, the focus is beautiful. I also appreciate the dark values on the right and lower half of the photo, it adds contrast with the lighter portions.

  9. Very simple photograph, I love how the shallow depth of field accentuates the details of the water on the glass. More conceptually I get a really calm feeling when viewing this. The colors are soft and the line of that shadow adds a lot to the composition

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