Mississippi State University, photography

Lucia Arellano


Lucia Arellano
ART4593 Photographic Portfolio II
Digital Prints; 16″ x 20″
20 Image Series

The inspiration for these series started with a picture of my grandfather. Every time I looked at it I could see one of my uncles or another. Then I started thinking about the fact that sometimes people do not believe it when they are told they look like someone else. In an effort to show the similarities among family members, I stitched together two or more images of different family members. Although my intended audience is my family, I think that others can look at the series and reflect on their own family and the similarities between them.

7 thoughts on “Lucia Arellano”

  1. You did such a great job with this! The stitching of pictures together is seamless. The execution of your intended project turned out great. I really enjoy the content matter of your portrait as well. I think that it’s great that you opened your audience to be everyone, not just specifying this was only intended for your family. The simplicity behind the portrait is great, as well. Overall, excellent job!

  2. Without reading the description of your photograph, I would’ve had no idea that this picture was a stitch of two different people! I really like how personal your piece and series is, and I think that makes this piece even more special that it’s two images of two different family members. I think having it in black and white is even more effective because it gives the piece a sort of anonymity which is important in this case with combining two people to make one. Good contrast, and photoshopping with your picture overall!

  3. I think you have a very interesting concept and the way you executed this piece supports it. The facial expression doesn’t stand out as anything but a mug shot, an image we can identify of someone’s features and characteristics. It really is a great image to compare to your relatives. Rather than a side-by-side comparison, you mashed two together to create one. Great idea and execution.

  4. You did a great job capturing the texture and then maintaining it, as I notice this is something that occasionally is lost when combining different elements from multiple photos. Your use of black and white is appropriate, as it somewhat alludes to past photography — while the crispness and other elements keep it modern. I did not even realize this was a stitch until reading the artist’s statement. Great portrait, with the only thing I wish is that there was a link or somewhere else to view more of the series since I love these.

  5. A nice portrait. The glow on his hair contrasts the rough skin texture of his neck. I enjoyed looking at these small complexities in a simple mug shot.

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