7 thoughts on “Patrick Kennedy”

  1. What an amazing location. You took a great photo in a great space. I love how you were able to capture so many different segments and textures of the building. The pop of color from the graffiti adds a lively dimension and the angle you chose makes the building feel at once spacious and claustrophobic. The light peaking in from both sides and the top illuminates the space in a gentle way that I really like.

  2. The choice of a long depth of field really makes this photo. It adds a huge amount of interest and a good sense of confusion as to what the space is.

  3. You found a great location and really executed it well, because I can start to understand the narrative you set out to accomplish. What really is effective compositionally is the depth of the space, coupled with the hard lines of the rafters compared to the paint pealing off the wall; it presents this idea that this thing was built to last the test of time, but those who were responsible for its upkeep have abandoned it — and subsequently moved in and reclaimed it, shown through the graffiti. Great job.

  4. Having explored a run down paper mill here in kalamazoo I can appreciate this photo even more being able to relate it to my own experiences of exploring a place that is abandoned. Showing the graffiti is working for me in this image because you get the sense of being apart of something that other people have discovered and left there mark upon

  5. Great photo,and your composition really brings the image together. It’s also amazing that you got a lot of great lighting going on in the photographs and would like to see other images that you took a this location. I would like to know more about the abandoned paper mill just from this photograph, which shows that your concept speaks through your photograph well.

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