13 thoughts on “Allison Brown”

  1. I think you did a really nice job with the top print, making such a large space seem small (That’s how I perceive it personally, sorry if it’s wrong). I really like how the hallway looks like it’s getting compressed, and your highlights and shadows look really nice. Compositionally it’s a really visually appealing picture to look at and has nice balance. The second picture kind of confuses me though. I can’t really see anything, and I can’t really tell if you’re trying to make this space seem smaller or larger than it really is. I’d like to see more of the background to see what setting it’s in. Other than that, good job!

  2. Allison, really nice use of tone in your two black and white images. I enjoy the sense of space each image creates, with the top image feeling vast and the bottom feeing small and intimate.

  3. Very nice job. These images accomplish what they were intended for, but also do more. The fact that the images are black and white make the contrast even deeper than it would have been in color. You are also accomplished at choosing the correct depth of field for certain situations with a very shallow depth of field for the lamp that makes it feel distant and the deep depth of field for the first picture leads your eyes across what appears to be a vast distance.

  4. I enjoy the top image the most. The way you used the sides of the hallway to get smaller towards the center really works. I also love that the images are in black and white. Really makes your subject matter stand out. The bottom photo however gets a bit too dark for me to really see whats in the image. Overall though, great job really nice work.

  5. I really think that you did a great job making the viewer struggle to attach a location to these photos. To me, the top photo is in a huge empty warehouse and the bottom photo looks like a library in a doll house. This adds a level of curiosity. I also really appreciate the lighting in the top photo. Nice job.

  6. Both of these photographs have a unique sense of space and curiosity. I especially like the darkness in the second photograph and the idea of a place that is mysterious and makes the viewer create a place or story for the space and who occupies it.

  7. Oooh, the dark bottom image is fantastic. I would love to see this as a series of images that communicate a whole. This image to me is like a snippet of narrative due to the mood of the darkness and the lost information in the shadows. I want more.

  8. Having been to house on the rock I appreciate these even more. They are both very strong images! You captured what you were aiming to do in terms of having the viewer be not sure of the size and spacing of each spaces. Very compelling and great compositions!

  9. I love the soft blacks! The detail in both of these images keeps my attention while the composition drew me in in the first place! excellent work.

  10. The second photo looks like somewhere in the Sleep No More set. It’s gorgeous and have a out-of-this-world look. I’d use it as my lockscreen background for sometimes.

  11. Both photos are printed really well and have great compositions. I want to keep looking at them so I can decipher the spaces. I’m happy you didn’t crop the second one; the large black margins surrounding the subject make the entire photo more elusive and interesting to look at.

  12. I really enjoy your first photo! It confused me at first because I could not determine what I was looking at. Also enjoy the contrast.

  13. These two captures of house on the rock perfectly embody the experience of visiting the place. At once is the fully realized, illuminated unreality of the place, but also the shadowy, intricate hidden mystery of the many nooks and crannies to discover. I think the softness of the images especially to the edges helps to give a shallow depth of field look that helps with your stated mission of capturing objects in a way that makes them looks smaller than they really are. Would love to see more from this set, great work!

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