photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Hayley Cleghorn



Hayley Cleghorn
Art 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 8 1/2″ x 11″
There will be a total of 20 images in my final series.

My series is dealing with showing the every day objects, and adding a sort of serene and calming feel to them with the natural light shining on them. This series mainly deals with natural lighting and shadows, and how it reflects/ gives off a different feel for different objects and areas.

7 thoughts on “Hayley Cleghorn”

  1. Obscuring extraneous detail in shadow was a nice choice. It place emphasis on your everyday objects and lends to nicely composed compositions.

  2. Both photos have a feeling of old time. I like the color in the first photo which is very rich and has good contrast. The lighting in the second one is good. I like the shadows and the details on the cover.

  3. Great two photos. It is interesting that your focus is on every day objects but both of them center around paper. I think your first photograph is stronger, for the black and white of the newspaper against the yellow light makes for an interesting composition. I also think the shadows in the second photograph are very successful. The way you had the objects lit turned out very well. Nice job.

  4. The natural light provides interesting shadows. I think it is interesting that newspaper is still an every day object for you. I am finding it harder and harder to get my hands on a newspaper without having a subscription.
    I love the color in the second photo. I think that if a little bit more of the newspaper was in the light that photo would be even more successful.

  5. I really enjoy the lighting you selected for both compositions and the angular selection for the bottom photograph. I would try experimenting with more interesting subject matter to shine the light on, perhaps something with more shape?

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