9 thoughts on “Lauren Latouf”

  1. I really like the concept your photos! They kind of express a feeling of intimacy and creativity. Especially the second one is so interesting. I like how you focused on the apple and blurred the girls.

  2. Really interesting content and composition. The intertwined braids are intriguing in the first photo, and make you wonder what their connection is. The way the light creates those white circles on both sides makes both girls look sort of pregnant, and I’m wondering if that was a conscious choice or accidental. I think it’s something to consider because it adds a new and complex meaning. The second photo makes no sense to me and I like that. I’m not really sure what the girls are doing in the background (kissing? and if it is kissing, is it on the cheek? or more passionate?). I also don’t know what the apple means or why she would be holding it out front, but it makes for a super dynamic composition and a second examination.

  3. I love how creative and interesting these pieces are! I think you did a really good job printing these, and the contrast and lighting is just perfect. These pictures definitely make me want to know more about the background to this story, and why their braids are connected, and what the apple core has to do with the two girls. I really love how the apple is so in focus in the second picture, and how the girls are blurry, because even though I want to see what’s happening behind the apple, it gives the viewers a sense of creativity to “guess” what’s happening. Good job overall!

  4. Great two photos. Both of them next to each other are very powerful. I particularly liked the short depth of field in the second photo. It is interesting that you chose to make the background so blurred that the viewer can’t exactly tell what the two girls are doing. I wish you included an artist statement for these two pictures, however, because I think you have a great story at hand but I am just not sure as to what is going on.

  5. I love the black and white, it really brings out the textures and allows me to focus on the composition. I think these pieces work together very well and create an interesting narrative.

  6. I really like this series. It related very well. I also like you use black and white for this digital photography. It makes me more focus on the photo.

  7. The dark shadowy area above the figures was a nice choice. It places primary focus on the figures and lends to a nicely balanced composition. I also like the shallow depth of field in the second photo.

  8. The queer subject matter in this piece is amazing, and that is honestly what drew me to it.
    It’s an interesting take that these two are sharing the intimacy of being in the same room and physically touching each other, but neither is getting the intimacy from the other that they actually want. These is so much tension in the first part of the piece and that makes it so damn real. I feel like that was my entire existence growing up and being in a closet I had no idea that I was in.
    I love the use of the apple in the second photo giving the idea of tasting the forbidden fruit. Like once they finally understood they could be happy.
    The background being very simple works well in the piece, leaving no distractions. It also makes makes it reminiscent of a dream-like state, or being in one’s own head.
    Something to be aware of for the composition though is the chairs in the top picture line up with the girls in such as way that it looks like the curve of pregnant bellies. Which (I would assume) would send a completely different message than you are trying to send. Photoshopping them out would be an easy fix.

  9. These are very compelling images. I want to know more about the concept. I’m guessing the apple is a reference to Eden, but I’m not sure. These are successful in black and white. The braided hair tied together is interesting too.

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