8 thoughts on “Suzanne Peterson”

  1. I really like your second photo! It is incredible that you balanced the body and the abstraction. The partly hidden and partly visible toes are so interesting and it makes me wonder a lot about the hidden person and stories behind. Really creative series!

  2. I too enjoy the idea behind this series…interesting to look at something we see everyday in from a different angle. Overall, I think the second photo is more successful because we get a teeny hint of what this object actually is. the form is still abstracted but I think we need a little bit of information for the photos to achieve their full impact.

  3. I agree with the other opinions in that I think your second photo was more successful than the first. I like that I can still see your foot in the photograph, for I think that compliments your artist statement a lot. I also really like the colors in both of the pictures. They are subtle but there is a nice contrast of warm and cool tones going on in both. Great job.

  4. I am surprised that it was a body part when it is isolated and abstracted. I like how smooth it is. I like the tone of this photograph.

  5. This is a really interesting idea to take on, and I feel that you’ve achieved it with your images. This a great concept, and the photographs have a aura of their own. I would love to see more in this series, maybe using strobe lighting and using a long exposure to achieve an even more abstract form. It would be also very interesting to use other body parts and see what you can achieve with that as well.

  6. I like both photos, however, in the first image, I do not see a body part. It is so abstracted it could be anything, I see rope.
    The exposure seems a little low for both images.
    You are successful in making them look dream-like.

  7. This distortion is very eerie yet beautiful. I enjoy glancing at photos and not knowing exactly what I’m seeing, it causes me to investigate. In these particular works, the “fogginess” of the water is a key component to the photo. Without it, there would be an entire different aura.

  8. These are both beautiful pieces. I like the vignette in each, and the blur that leads them to near or full abstraction. The first one does read as a landscape to me, and the second one is more obviously a body, as the toes are visible. I think this bodily clue is necessary in at least some of the photos in the series, so we can read the fully abstracted ones more accurately. That being said, I enjoy the fully abstract piece quite a bit on its own as well.

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