11 thoughts on “Alyssa VanderWeg”

  1. Very cool. I like how you really played with color and proportion. I think the content is interesting, but could perhaps be better integrated/combined. The different elements seem photoshopped–they stand out from their backgrounds, and I think it would add to the surrealism if they were better integrated into the rest of the photo. Also, I think the right corner of the second photo is a little too dark–I’d like to see more of the wooly mammoth

  2. Awesome concept! However, the photoshopping on the bottom image could be a bit more realistic and sneaky- especially the elephant in the second image looks very out of place. But besides that, excellent use of color!

  3. I agree with the previous commenters. The mammoth also gets a little lost in the shadow of the tree. Maybe if you utilized images that matched the perspective of the background photo you could better integrate your figures.

  4. I love the surrealist emotion you are trying to capture here. It works, for the most part. I especially think it is successful in the top image. The bottom needs a touch of work to seamlessly integrate the images. Overall, I like the idea you are working on. I would be interested to see the whole series together and printed on a large scale since it is such a dynamic concept.

  5. I really like your concepts and ideas in each photograph. They definitely give off a surrealistic feel overall for each one. However, the photoshopping in the second picture is a little weird to me. The animals could’ve been photoshopped in a little more realistically, and not look so out of place. Other than that I really love the colors and overall composition in each one, great job!

  6. The first picture is interesting because it partly looks like the house must be real because of the background, but then again it looks like a doll’s house at the same time. I’m not sure if the plastic looking bear is meant to go along with that same idea or not as well.
    And as others have already said the bottom image is just poorly photoshopped. Elephants realistically would be bigger than that, whereas right now they look to be the size of deer. I feel like having realistically sized elephants in an unlikely background or unrealistically small could work for this piece but having them in this middle ground just makes it look like you were unaware of a scaling mistake and they are unintentionally sized smaller than they should be in relation to the background.

  7. The second image is more interesting to look at because of the edited pink sky. At first the elephants seem real then I notice they are fake. More color would make the first image more interesting

  8. I love what you did with your color in both your surreal images, they really blend together well and compliment each other, making the image almost believable. However, the elephant in the second picture seems a little bit slapped onto the image, if you could blend him into the image a little better, it would be a good improvement.

  9. I definitely agree with a lot that has been said, especially about the elephants in the second image. I really think the concept is really exciting. I could definitely see how concept can be expanded, especially in the context of a city and different animals interacting with that space.

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