5 thoughts on “Danni Xie”

  1. These prints for me capture a lot of the same feelings that older silver prints would have, it’s not just the medium, it’s the fact that I can never completely see the subject. In the first their face is being covered in a blanket of smoke while also being in a softer focus. And for the second image the subject is blurred and slightly warped.
    I feel like the choice to have the subject not in complete focus is wonderful. It gives this modern photography more of the feel of older photography when silver prints would have been more prevalent. It’s capturing life as it happens, and not necessarily photography for photography’s sake. These pieces make me think “memories”, they make me think “life”.

  2. Your work really caught my eye as I was scrolling down, there was a strong sense of story here that many artist find it hard to express in there work but you have really captured and expressed something beautiful here. the beautiful grayscale in the top picture reminds me of a sad scene from a old school film, the model looks fed up, ready to let go and move on with their life.

    The following image gives me a sense of wonder or a pursuit of self discovery. The grayscale of the image adds to this and kinda gives the photo a “inside the mind” feeling.

  3. I really like these black and white photos, you have handled exposure and printing masterfully, the tones are so smooth and yet perfectly contrasted to create drama from their variety. There is also a real sense of motion captured, without any use of motion blur/long exposure, conveyed entirely through the posing and composition of the subject, and this is a real testament to your ability to work with a subject. Excellent, gritty photographs!

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