4 thoughts on “Megan Pellino”

  1. I really love looking at all different styles of light drawing, and how they differ from one another. I think your pictures here were really successful in not only capturing the beauty of light painting, but also focusing on the time and motion part of your series. There’s a really mysterious feeling that each of these photographs give off, and the bottom picture is eery in the way that the older woman’s face has a glow on it. The top picture is more interesting as a composition out of the two because the light fills up more of the frame, but the bottom picture seems more successful in the way that you can actually see the woman’s face and how well it’s lit up. Good job overall capturing your concept!

  2. These are beautiful light paintings! They are especially effective in black and white. I like how the figure is present in both but has a more “haunting effect” in the fist image. These are both well composed. Nice work.

  3. Light drawing is something I will be focusing on throughout my work. I really like what you’ve done. The subject of your photograph are very simple but the pattern you’ve created with the light is very intricate and complex. The only recommendation i would make is try to improve the lighting of your second. In you first image it doesn’t matter as much but in the second i think it would help bring the composition together.

  4. I really enjoy the light trails you were able to create in these two photographs. You were also able to create a sort of eerie effect with including the face behind the light trails.

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