photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Rebecca Gongora



Rebecca Gongora
ART 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints
Part of a 20 print series

Most of my work at the moment is about the exploration of personal identification and the social standards and stereotypes of gender and roles inside the home, as well as the chaotic life that is maintaining myself, my family, and the maintenance of the home. I am interested in my own personal identity as a woman, a mother, an artist and my relationships with others.​

9 thoughts on “Rebecca Gongora”

  1. I really like your inspiration for this series and your compositions are very dynamic and engaging. The cup that reads “perfection” is a nice little touch in the first photo as well. I would love to see the rest of the collection to get a better idea of its breadth, since both of these photos are high angle shots of the kitchen. But even with just these two photos I can see a pushing off point for your narrative

  2. I think you used vantage point and cropping really well in these photos to capture a trapped in clutter sense. I also think that the inclusion of the perfection mug really connects the photo to the concept in a strong way that the 2nd photo doesn’t do.

  3. The top photo here is very successful. It captures you goal in a way that is also very thoughtful and clean. The bottom image for me is a bit dull. I don’t know if its the cropping or the vibrancy of the color, but it isn’t quite as visually striking as your top image. I love this concept and I am excited to see the whole series together!

  4. I love how playful your images are. I understand and relate with your concept, yet you approached communicating this concept in such a lighthearted and interactive way. Well done.

    1. P.s. I do not have children myself, but I have good friend who’s a young mother of four. It seems like a walk in on a similar scene every time I go over to her house. All a part of having a family, I suppose. (:

  5. The top photo is very satisfying. One side is just so neat and clean and perfect but on the other side it is messy and has chaos everywhere. The one thing that I would have liked more is if the two sides of the sinks were split down the middle of the picture. We can see the full sink on the right side but on the left it is cut off. I wish we would have been able to see the full left side of the sink; I still really like this photo.

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