11 thoughts on “Sarah Huling”

  1. Wow, cool idea! I don’t quite get the message of the first photo but it’s whimsy still shows through and the colors are rich and inviting. The second photo is absolutely breathtaking. The lighting gives it an ephemeral glow and the way you’re positioned is incredible. I’ve been staring at that photo, wondering how you took it and what the message is behind it. Very provocative and aesthetically pleasing.

  2. I like the idea of the photographs and I believe I understand each of the petty flaws although I am not as certain about the second photograph. They are both really well done with the composition and color. I am interesting in seeing the other two flaws and this work makes me analyze what would I would consider my petty flaws.

  3. I’m really impressed by the second photo, and still have no idea how you did that, so I’d love to hear the process of making it! The top photos colors are really rich and beautiful, and I think that you did a great job portraying your message of your petty flaws through these photographs. The composition is really nice in each photo, and the contrast and lighting is really good too. Overall really great job with these unique and interesting photos!

  4. I am very impressed by the second photo too! It is very beautiful and mysterious. At first, I though the whole image is a little bit dark to me. But after looking several times, I think it actually works. The lighting on her face is good and for the rest of her body the lighting is getting fade which makes her blend into the background more naturally.

  5. Get use of photo manipulation in the second image- great photoshop work. The narrative is interesting to look at and is shocking at first- very heavy subject conveyed through nth images. Good use of color in the first and lighting in the second. However I am unsure about how the second image is portraying a “flaw”. Since the first one is extremely literal, its hard for me to understand what the second one is expression in terms of a flaw.

  6. These photos are striking and captivating! I don’t understand the message (what flaws are being personified?), so a little more info might be helpful to the viewer. You have amazing composition and lighting. I’m still trying to figure out how you shot the bottom image. All in all, these photos are beautiful.

  7. Though I’m not sure what the petty flaws are exactly for both images, I must say that simply as images these are impressive. The editing, the colors, the composition, all handled well.
    The second image in particular is very well done and realistic looking. It makes me very curious to find out how you went about accomplishing the final product.

  8. As with everyone else, I am very pleased with the second photo. Your editing skill are top notch and I love the way it turned out.

    When looking at the photos together, the colors in each photo seem to be at play with each other. In the top, you’ve got this subtle red hue peeking out warming up the photo and giving it a more playing feel. In the bottom, it’s a cooler blue tone creating a more sullen emotion.

  9. Both of your photos are exceptionally done in terms of color contrast, positioning, effects, and concept. You did a fantastic job telling a story with both of these images. Honestly, in my opinion, you really don’t need to change anything with these images, they are done perfectly!

  10. These are well thought out images you composed. The bleach images is mysterious, not quite sure if she is drinking the bleach? The wymsicalness of the second image is great. Both images are well composed, the lighting is great and the colors are good.

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