photography, St. Norbert College

Becky Ratajczyk


Becky Ratajczyk
ART 280 – Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging
Digital Photograph; 8″ x 12″

This photo is from a still life project. We were to consider how the everyday objects and accumulations that surround us tell stories about us, about our interests, or our overlooked everyday habits.

11 thoughts on “Becky Ratajczyk”

  1. I think this picture has really great lighting and the overall composition is nicely put together in terms of coloring and shadows. However, even though you said it is a still life, it still looks like a very forced composition. I think if you want this to tell a story, I think you could have made included more objects to tell a more distinct story. I love the lighting of it but I think it is weaker in other areas.

  2. I really enjoy the lighting and shadows shown in your photograph. I’m dealing with a series that shows how light bounces off every day objects, and this photo reminded me of my own work. I think your photo goes pretty well with your message, however all I’m getting a story here is that you enjoy coffee? Other than the message lacking, I think the composition is pretty, and you did a great job with the lighting of the piece.

  3. I agree with the previous commenters that this image is lacking in story. The natural lighting is gorgeous though. Maybe a close up on coffeepot would better convey a message. It looks a bit well worn and could arguably reveal information about its owner.

  4. I enjoyed seeing these different details in this picture. The wallpaper of the delicate kettle behind works perfectly with the coffee maker. And I like the window and the toy flowers too. They give me a sense of living. Yes, I agree that the natural lighting is beautiful! Also I like how clean the table is which makes the coffee maker more special.

  5. I really like the composition and lighting of the piece and disagree with the previous commenters on the not telling a story thing. I think the cleanliness of the space and the coffeepot tells us that maybe you don’t drink much coffee and that in itself is a story (not everyone is a coffee chugger).

  6. I enjoy the repetition of form in your composition here, because even the coffee pot has a doppelgänger — the wallpaper in the background, and its depiction of another container for hot beverages. I would have liked to see perhaps the position of the coffee pot moved, as something about the cord is distracting. I think it is that it doesn’t intersect with much, and it would be nice to have perhaps the spoon closer to that or a couple specks of dark coffee to contrast with the countertop. To me there is a story here though, but it is no longer active; we view this story after it has calmed down, with the coffee drinker having begun to clean but leaving the scene before they could clean the coffee pot.

  7. I really don’t see any kind of communication happening in this image. Ways you could change that would be to include more of your existence. Even that spoon looks unused. Show your routine visually with a coffee cup or half eaten toast. Just more of a presence would be nice.

  8. This image was well constructed, and not busy compared to other still life projects. I would consider taking the spoon away, or changing the angle, it is competing with the cord. Right now it’s not telling a narrative of interaction, but as an image it is captured well especially with the lighting. Great decision to keep the vibrant flower pots by the window. It leads the eye away from the white counter and white pot.

  9. I personally love photography that includes the mundane and monotony of life. The placement of the spoon adds a nice touch to draw the viewer to the bottom corner and around the frame. The natural lighting and placement of objects really work well.

  10. I love the simplicity and ordinariness of this image. I would imagine that most people have a coffee pot sitting on their kitchen counter. It often goes overlooked. I like the intentional focus on something so seemingly insignificant, but has a huge impact on the everyday. I like that the image is taken angled, but I wish the cross frame on the window was parallel to the top edge of the photograph. The lighting is working really well with the shadows cast and the highlights on the spoon.

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