photography, St. Norbert College

Danielle Wendler


Danielle Wendler
ART 280 – Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging
Digital Photograph; 8″ x 12″

This image was a metaphor project, I named it “Actions” as an interpretation of actions speak louder than words, however some of my classmates also interpreted as talk to the hand…

4 thoughts on “Danielle Wendler”

  1. The expression of the mouth on the hand to me looks like it would be screaming, and the placement of it on the hand doesn’t necessarily make me feel like the “action” is overtaking the “words”. I feel like the “words” (screams) are so powerful that they have gone right through the hand that is attempting to block them out.
    This piece to me has a feel of someone being trapped by personal problems or emotions and they want to hide from them or just hide them in general but they are unable to perhaps because of how intense the problems are.
    It’s an interesting piece but I would suggest playing with different poses to get that specific message across. Perhaps covering the mouth with one hand, and then having the other at the forefront with the mouth.

  2. I love how humorous this picture appears at first, but then when reading through your description there’s such a stronger message behind it and now the picture makes more sense. I think you have a really good composition overall, and the contrast and lighting is really nice in the piece. I really love your message behind the picture, and I think you did a good job portraying that with your photograph. Great job!!

  3. Terrific job with this. The mouth placement on the hand looks like it took a lot of work to get at exactly the right spot, so great job with that success. The colors and contrast is also very well done, as well. The vignette really works in your favor in this photo and as does the high contrast. I think either interpretation, yours or your classmates, could be very accurate. This just shows that each viewer can interpret a great piece of artwork in different perspectives.

  4. This is creepy, abstract and fun at the same time Great job with matching up the hand to the mouth. The radial spin in the back is a nice touch to give a Twilight zone feel. The image is well composed and technically correct.

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