9 thoughts on “Danielle Wendler”

  1. I think you did a really nice job with this photo. The softness in the hands is contrasted nicely against the harshness in the fire and the dollar bill. I like your use of black and white vs. color as well– that is not something I would have thought to do but I like the choice you made to do this. I wish you had included an artist statement so that I knew you intentions behind this, though. But overall, great job with this.

    1. Thank you so much! I actually did add a statement which would have been nice to be added, totally agree! However this project was a social statement project which I left open ended for the viewer to interpret!

  2. A very interesting photo with great contrast and details. I like how you showed the burning moment and burning process of the bill a lot! Also the composition of the hand especially the left one is weird but worked pretty well in this photo.

  3. If this is a series, I’d be very interested to see more images — in short, this image does a great job piquing my interest to see more. I recently watched the documentary “Inequality for All” on Netflix, as well as some recent events at my college and in my life fueling my understanding of this photo:
    I enjoy that the dollar bill is crisp, not only because it presents an interesting contrast to the organic softness of the hands but because it reflects that money is stagnating. There is no wear to that dollar bill. Smoke may be interesting, both metaphorically and because it would offer softness juxtapositioned close to the crispness of the bill and flame. But without an artist’s statement, that leaves me to apply my own thoughts; which can make this a very political piece, especially if you were to document what different peoples different views were.

  4. I think this photo is really intriguing. I love the black and white feel, with only the hundred dollar bill in color. I want to know more about the message behind taking this photo, but I think the basic concept of burning the money is really interesting in and of itself. The colors are really brilliant, and the contrast and lighting looks perfect.The quality of the photograph is really crisp too which is great. Overall you did a really great job with this photo!

  5. Wow, this photo is incredibly compelling. I love your use of black and white and color. I really think you did a great job with framing and placement. I wonder what a texture in the background would look like? Still something dark, but just something to make it less cut-and-paste-like.

  6. I feel like the editing turns me off to this image. For a lot of parts in the process it is well executed. Separating the hands from the background, and having the bill show stages of what real burning paper would be doing. However I feel like something could have been done to make the bill and flames look like they actually were in the hands when the image was taken. I feel like it is very possible to make this happen while still keeping the hands in black & white, and the bill in color.
    Perhaps taking into account the glow that would result from said flame.
    Though I must admit I’m not sure if it’s realism you were going for in the first place.

  7. I really like the conversation that this photograph initiates. It is very deep and speaks for itself in many different ways dealing with our economic system, government and even ourselves and how we manage and handle our money as Americans.

  8. I love the potential meaning this image gives for the viewer. It could be about the material life that comes with money and it’s actual worthlessness, or about “burning away” one’s past. I think it is a compelling image, but the mixing of the money doesn’t quite fit with the second black and white image. This may be intentional, but right now they feel like separate images.

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