photography, Western Michigan University

Z. King



Z. King
ART3470: Digital Photography I
digital print; 11″ x 17″

Statement: There is an increase in anti-transgender violence in the state of Michigan, and yet not many people seem aware of this despite the number of transgender individuals and LGBT organizations speaking out about the string of attacks and murders against transgender women this August. These images were created as part of a larger series that explores how I interact with my gender when my own state is not safe for me and others marginalized identities.

10 thoughts on “Z. King”

  1. It is interesting photo!!! I really enjoyed it. I like how you described the gummy. I also like the color. This series of photos are funny! Great idea.

  2. Great job! These photos are both very strong and you did a really gray job with your artist statement, as well. The fact that you chose gummy bears for such an intense subject matter is interesting yet very successful. I think that the second photo is stronger than the first because of the composition and colors. Overall, great job. I would love to see more of this.

  3. The choice of sour patch kids brings to mind those “sour but sweet” sour patch kids commercials that are always on. Thinking about those in relation to these photos is interesting in that the next scene in the commercial would be the sour patch kid saying oops and looking cute, but in real life that should never happen and violence shouldn’t be easily forgiven. In other words, I love the concept.

  4. hahahaha i love the idea of these photos, not only do they create and funny and playful narrative, but it makes me want candy. Good composition and use of color! Is there a particular reason you put them in the order that you did? because it seems like it would make sense to put the bottom one on top because it still has the body present in the picture, rather than hang the chalk outline first. Just a thought! But great photos, they caught my attention right away!

  5. Choosing sour patch kids to represent different gender identities was a creative and smart choice. The multiple colors break down the societal assumption of gender being binary. I think the second photo is more successful than the first, simply in terms of lighting, but the concept and execution of it as a whole are very strong. I would love to see the rest of the series.

  6. I love these photos, but I got a completely different feeling looking at them before I read your comments. To me, without any explanation, they are really funny, playful, and whimsical. I actually laughed when I saw them. Reading your description, I love the message you are going for, but I don’t see think the photos themselves put that across. I think your topic is incredibly important, pertinent, and serious, and I would expect the photos to illustrate that more.

  7. I think that the statement gives the viewer much more of an in depth view on the photographs. Without it, I may have come to the conclusion of violence and race but maybe not gender so as a viewer I appreciated the statement giving me more information. Other than that I really like the idea of something so innocent, childlike, and lighthearted such as candy being used to portray and discuss such a serious topic.

  8. Interesting choice using sour patch kids to represent the differences of gender. Too many people believe that gender is binary, and the variety of colors in sour patch kids does a good job of showing that variety. The second photo is much more successful than the first photo that only has the blue sour patch kids.

    A suggestion is maybe doing a majority of blue and red sour patch kids (to represent what society associates with cisgendered men and women) surround the murdered more colorful sour patch kids (to represent those that are not cisgender).

  9. Great idea for the photos,and compositionally it came out really well. The content of your photographs really speak through and I would love to see more from this series. It’s interesting to see that you chose sour patch kids to represent gender and the colors are really vibrant and work well.

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