12 thoughts on “Becky Ratajczyk”

  1. I really like this photo both aesthetically and in terms of content. The lighting creates an ominous tone, which goes along with the idea of a US flag on the ground (gasp). It makes the flag, which is one of the biggest symbols of US pride, seem like just another everyday object that has been forgotten. I’m interested to know the meaning you had behind this. To me, as the project was to use objects to show something about yourself, this photo says something about a state of jadedness, dejectedness, or lost faith. But I could be totally off!

  2. I think the lighting choices in this photo give it an interesting depressing feeling, kind of like the flag was folded and forgotten somewhere. The image would tell an entirely different story with different lighting.

  3. Dear Becky,

    When I first saw your photograph I thought of Dutch Old Master paintings, where the artist starts from a dark ground/surface and builds up the lights. I think it’s interesting that you chose this particular everyday object for your still life. It speaks of not only of those who have served the USA in the military, but also about their own passing. I think of the many folded flags which stay on in homes around the country after a soldier has died. The way you chose to commemorate this iconic object makes speaks to shared experiences, and the privacy of which they are also lived.

    Best Regards,
    ~jojin van winkle

  4. Great job with this picture. I really enjoy the lighting and the high contrast– it looks like it’s out of a magazine. I wish we could see a bit of the blue in the flag on the one hand, but on the other hand, it’s interesting that even without being able to see that blue, we can still tell that the still life is of a flag. Really interesting and unique choice of object for a still life. Wonderful and successful job with this.

  5. I really like how the viewer doesn’t know exactly what the object is at first glance. If this is what you were going for, then your use of lighting and shadow is spot on. I also really like the hint of the floor/table. It adds a nice textural element to this image.

  6. I really love the attraction that this piece gives off. At first I couldn’t really tell what the object was that you were photographing, but after looking at it for a little I realized it was an American flag. I think you captured your concept really well, clearly the flag tells the story about yourself that your from America. I really love the aesthetic beauty that you captured in your picture as well. The lighting is really dramatic, which I absolutely love (my series is focusing on natural and dramatic lighting), and the colors are really popping. However, maybe brightening up the background a little bit would be good. The viewer wants to see what’s in the background, but can’t. In a way that decision was successful if your dealing with natural light, but in your case you should brighten it up a little so people can see more about the “story” behind you. Good job overall!

  7. At first glance, it’s a striped piece of cloth. A further look tells us that it’s a U.S.A. flag. I think this flag has a lot of connotations to it, depending on what viewpoint you have. This lighting shows an eery history of this specific flag, with the darkness showing its past.

  8. i love the feeling this photo gives! the lighting choice is perfect because it conveys a dark feeling that goes perfectly with the rough and worn american flag. to me it shows all the dark rough times our country has been through but how were still here. great photo!

  9. I feel that the lighting on this photograph is successful because not many photographs can pull off such a direct source of light that can often cause too much shadows. This type of lighting works for your image because the subject matter of the flag is a well known symbol that many people can recognize. The flag itself is a story and I would love to know more about your story. Great still life, it is a unique perspective and would like to see more stem from this image.

  10. This image is loaded with meaning. The shadows you created on the flag are very powerful. Great use of technical skills. This is a very compelling image. The wood grain of the floor or cabinet is a nice textural touch.

  11. The lighting in this image is perfect for the message you are trying to portray. I feel loss and sorrow when looking at this photograph for someone that has probably passes away while fighting for our country. The contrast in your diagonal lines in the wood grain and lines on the flag with the folds in the edge of the flag in the image, create more interest and movement. The contrast of light and darkness also create movement from the left to the right side of the photograph.

  12. When I first came upon this picture I felt as if it spoke so many unspoken words. This picture is truly breathtaking. Though the picture is very dark and may look nice if it wasn’t quite as dark I feel as if it could play a huge role in the picture. It gives it a gloomy look but also makes it look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel the way a single spotlight is hitting the corner of the flag. It makes it look like there is hope. Though its hard to see how it’s folded, I instantly thought this portrayed a funeral of a soldier who fought for us and through the eyes of the photographer it is showing how it was a really gloomy and hard day for you but though your loved one may be gone you can still see the light and see the good out of it. Though this is such a simple picture, I feel as if it portrays so much and that is the kind of photography I aim for.

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