6 thoughts on “Becky Ratajczyk”

  1. I think it’s really interesting that you were to take either candid or carefully constructed–the two extremes. I’m interested to know which category this falls under, though I’m fairly certain it is a constructed image. I wish you had submitted another photo from the opposite side of the spectrum, so we could maybe get an idea of what you learned. I want to know more!

  2. When I was scrolling down this page, this was one of the photos that captured my attention right away. I really like portraiture, and I like how this picture isn’t like any other regular portraiture picture. Her expression makes this picture humorous, and gives it a lot of personality. The lighting is also really well done here, along with the contrast. Good job overall capturing a candid moment!

  3. Great job with this! This picture immediately caught my eye when I was looking through pictures. I think your intent for this picture, to represent yourself in a self portrait, really shows through. The colors are also nicely chosen. Your Packers apparel also was a good choice because it shows another part of your personality well. Great job!

  4. This self-portrait definitely “screams” personality. From your facial expression to your attire, I think it’s funny that you chose this as a self-portrait. Your expression feels a little bit set-up, as if you were expecting the photo was coming. I wonder what it would look like if someone caught you when you were really cheering for the Packers!

  5. This is a great self portrait of yourself and I can see the type of personality that you have. The position of your face as well as the use of color works great with this image. This image really stands out from other self portraits that I’ve seen because it basically jumps out at you. I would love to see more portraits where you place yourself further away from the camera and see if you can capture the same vibrant personality that is shown in this portrait.

  6. This image gave me a laugh. Your model’s expression put a nice smile on my face. I also really appreciate the visual exposure and color of the photo, its very clean, very clear, and well shot.

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