3 thoughts on “Mandy Hess”

  1. Dear Mandy,

    Three images in your video really stand out to me as lovely (and disturbing) cinematic moments. The lighting is strong as well as the composition: 1) the woman at the window drinking from the bottle with a small amount of light on her; 2) the woman shooting up, the image is slightly blurred and the overexposure or lightness really works, and 3) the ending scene of the dead woman on the chair before the mattress. I think you should hold on each of these moments a little longer. Don’t rush the poem. Let the words move more slowly, and the images have time to breathe.

    Great job.

    Best Regards,

    ~jojin van winkle

  2. Mandy,

    This video is really well composed, the use of lighting and mixture of media had a really good push pull leaving me wanting to see more movement when it stopped. The music gives a really good construct to the entire balance of the experience. The only downside is very nit picky the white balance is a little off, very minor effect.

    Very well done.

  3. I really enjoy the dark imagery in your video. The use of focus and blur, and the way the scenes were cropped in camera was very creative and adds an element of mystery to what is going on in each scene. Well done!

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