10 thoughts on “Maria Deau”

  1. I think this photo is really beautiful. The colors, contrast, and lighting is all really nice. I think this photo also tells a lot about you as a person. It shows that you enjoy sewing, and it looks like you’re lost in thought, looking out the window. It’s a really relaxing and calming photograph overall. Good job!

  2. Great job with this photo. I like that you’re gazing out in front of you but that it doesn’t look posed. Your gaze is very natural but it still looks like you’re concentrated on your sewing project. The colors, as well, are great in this picture. I like the red background, especially because it sticks with the other warm tones in the portrait. Great job with this!

  3. I agree that the photo doesn’t look to posed or contrived. I like the objects that you chose to surround yourself with beyond the sewing machine. The environment reflects the subject as much as the actions and pose.

  4. I love the colors of this photo and how the soft lighting interacts with them. One suggestion I would have is framing it differently–giving more space to the left side so that your gaze is not cut off so abruptly, so the eye can follow your gaze. Also, the teapot in the background kind of looks like it’s sitting on the sewing machine. kinda comical, not sure if you were going for that.

  5. This is a very interesting take on a self-portrait. You seem to be in your own space, both mentally and physically. You’ve stopped paying attention to your action of sewing, whether it be set up or not, and seem to be staring out a window, lost in many thoughts. For me, this seems like you’re stuck inside in a prison, but the environment makes me think differently. Using a large window gives you good, even lighting for your face, but including that window blows out the corner of the image.

  6. I am in love with this image. It’s so colorful, playful, whimsical. The warm colors, the daylight streaming in from the window, the teapot sitting on top of the sewing machine, and the simple act of sewing gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside. I feel like I could crawl inside this picture and just live there. Creepy? Maybe. Sorry about that…

  7. Maria,
    This is a very interesting image. There is a palpable tension I rarely se in self-portraiture. I like that you are attempting to appear candid. It connects the viewer to your self-perception and often imagine how others see us. It also articulately that inevitable moment of interruption that comes with intense creative focus.

  8. Your self portrait really expresses your interests and the photograph itself is visually pleasing. I like that you chose to use natural lighting, since it balances out your features really well. It would be great to see how you would take other self portraits in different scenes and create the same feel as this photograph. The colors in the portrait really pull the image together, and the warmth that comes through.

  9. I like how in this photograph there could be a deeper meaning. In your image, you are doing a common action in a household, which could stand for a “woman’s common place.” In your image I see this as meaning you are trapped in doing what society expects of you. I also like how in your image you have a heavy-looking sweater on which is visually holding you down. But in your eyes, you can tell that you seek adventure, or that you’re dreaming of a different world. The image is very whimsical and I love how the natural light interacts with the objects in your image.

  10. The warm color palette in this image creates a very relaxed, every-dayness feeling. The light raining in from the window on your face as you look up and out is interesting; it is almost as if you’re in mid thought or seeing something unusual. I wonder how this warm and pleasant feeling could change if the viewer were to receive incite of what you are gazing at out the window, perhaps it’s something awful and we are seeing your face before realization hits.
    Really well-focused image with solid lighting!

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