10 thoughts on “Maria Deau”

  1. These are nice photos. I definitely see your theme coming across here. The sun flare in the second photo is absolutely perfect, making it look like the heaven is shining down upon him (is he angelic? maybe, maybe not, but it puts forth that image). These photos also interest me in that they seem somewhere in between staged and candid. His positioning seems to be a little awkward but he seems aware of the camera. I’m still not sure if I like that or not, it’s just something I noticed.

  2. Great photos. You did a nice job capturing two different outlooks on the boy. I like that you had one be inside and the other outside, to show two very different lighting portrayals on him. I think the first one is probably more successful in portraying his personality and characteristics than the second one. I am interested to know your artist statement for these two combined pictures. Great job.

  3. I particularly like the first photo. The lighting and the boy’s gaze toward the viewer give it an ominous vibe. The composition is nice as well with the three points of focus being the take-away dinner, the boy and the stove. It helps imply a narrative.

  4. These look very clean focused and shows the viewer right away its subject. Good job. On one hand, the sun flare gets in the way of the boy, but on the other hand, it’s just another layer within this image. I like the different narratives that can come out of both of these images.

  5. I’m really intrigued by the lighting in each photograph. I think the top photo has a lot of dramatic lighting, catching some intense shadows and highlights. The bottom photo is really interesting too, and I like the sun flare that’s captured in it. I can also see a pattern the tones each photograph has. The top one and bottom both have this mysterious vibe to it, and the boy has a somewhat concerning look on his face in each one. Good job overall compositionally!

  6. I am very impressed by your use of lighting in both of these image, they look very crisp and stylized becuase of it. However, the subject matter is a bit confusing to me, it’s like you ran out of time for the assignment and just photographed your kid brother doing random things. Maybe If I had more context for the theme or idea that you are going for, I would be able to appreciate these images more as innovative and artistic.

  7. These portraits are quite beautifully peculiar. I really love how the subject is interacting with the space and you. There is a nice tension with the subject, making me assume it is someone you know well and have a complex relationship with. Definitely keep shooting with them. However, I am getting a bit distracted by the digital and unnatural tones. Perhaps a bit more color corrections and a little less contrast. There are really impressive nuances to your composition, and how you are capturing the subject, so I’d like to see the same subtly to the color and contrast.

  8. Both of these are fantastic and really interesting to look at. I love the dynamic lighting and how they both differ. You’re really capturing the subject in a great way and the compositions are nice.

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