17 thoughts on “Taylor Galaszewski”

  1. I really love these two photos as a pair! The shadows, and contrast in each picture is really nice, and the silhouettes look really cool. I think the contrast and the different lines that seem to separate the picture really make the picture “pop” that much more. You were really successful in making the silhouettes, and the area that you chose to shoot the first picture was really nice as well. Good job overall!

  2. Hi Taylor,
    Jojin here… looking at your two photos together makes me think about the how the use of rectilinear geometry as a background for the organic silhouette (human or animal alike) accentuates the curved natural forms. I think you did a nice job of finding moments where the strong backlight draws the viewer in to the photographic composition, both for a still form and a form in motion. I was wondering if you use a tripod or if these are handheld. They both have a slight angles to them. Have you ever used a monopod? That allows for quick response and a little more stability too.

    Nice work!
    ~jojin van winkle

  3. You have an eye for composing the environment well, since those strong lines do not overpower the subject but rather allow them to stick out. The lighting on the second piece — the cat — is especially nice, because while still obscured you’ve captured just enough light to give the cat an outline of light, capturing details that allows to ability to see that the cat is facing the viewer rather than out the window. I really enjoy how you contrast organic shapes (living things) with geometric shapes (architecture), and the consistency of these two photos is complimenting as well since they are balanced well and go together not only because of the figure-infront-of-a-window aspect in that way.

  4. Great pairing of silhouettes, and I enjoy the candid-ness of both of them as well. Excellent use of lighting in the first one and good arming in the second. I also enjoy the theme of organic subject (human or animal) in a very geometric ad sharp architectural environment.

  5. Both photographs have a sense of immediacy and candidness, but also seem like the were thought out compositionally. This balance is very nice. I do wish that both were perfectly straight in the frame. I think that the silhouette effect is very effective. Its contrast with the brightness of the window is very striking.

  6. Because of the prominent use of horizontal lines, it is a visual bother that both images feel like they need to be rotated to stop the lines at the edges from slanting. As individual images it is probably easier to get away with, but as a set it is quite distracting.
    That being said, you did a wonderful job compositionally otherwise. The images are crisp, especially for objects in motion and the silhouettes are just lovely. The shades & tones are handled very well, letting the silhouettes be prominent while not flattening the other areas of the composition.

  7. This is a great pair of silhouettes! The top image shows very grand architecture of large glass windows and the size of the person walking really shows how large those windows actually are. I think it’s important that this image has something we can understand and relate to, so having that human silhouette was crucial for showing the size of the space. The cat is also an identifiable figure and the lines of the window sill of the other building lead right to it.

  8. These two photographs are composed amazingly well. What I really like about your use of lines is that it creates a nice balance and composition that really draws attention to your use of shadows. What really brings these photographs together is that both images are photographed against the light which brings to focus on the shapes of the shadows of each of the subjects. Overall I feel that these are very successful images and would love to see more develop from this series.

  9. LOVE these images. The subtle silhouettes are stunning. The contrast of the residential and more industrial setting is though provoking and relatable. Well done.

  10. The strong horizontal images in these two images make them look as though they belong together. Great use of light and shadows. Great sense of depth in the top image. I would have like to have seen the highlights outside the window behind the cat taken down just a bit. Otherwise great job.

  11. The silhouetting in these images is extremely successful – and I love how you did it at a closer more intimate level, as well at a wider angle. The geometry is beautiful in the top image & your values from darks to lights throughout both images is spot on. Extremely well done.

  12. I like the silhouetting here in both pictures. The top works better for me with the architectural lines and the space.

  13. Line Line Line. Beautiful. By using light and black and white, your photos become beautiful showings of line and shape. The cat photo is nice, but the more interesting image is the person in the building. Great work.

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