7 thoughts on “Olivia Cook”

  1. I can imagine the first picture being taken in a senior portrait shoot, but not the second one. The second photograph looks much more refined, partly because of the minimal color palette.

  2. Great job with these two photos! I love the second one over the first, primarily because of the dots that create a wall in between the viewer and the subject. The color palette also does a nice job complimenting the white from the dots, as well. The first is great, as well– I like the angle that you chose to take this picture, for it does a good job straying from normality of portrait angles. Great job.

  3. I am amazed by these two photos. It’s so easy to take typical senior photos as you stated, but I think you captured a uniqueness that I haven’t seen before.

    The perspective of the first shot is truly beautiful because it seems as though he could be standing upright or leaning against a wall and you’ve just shot the picture at a high angle. The leaves, obviously give away that he is, in fact, on the floor, but it’s definitely something I’d like to see more of.

  4. I enjoy your second image more than your first it is more interesting and calls to me aesthetically more than the first. I am not saying the first image is not without interest but the image after it just has a bit more umph!

  5. I love the second image and how the dots make a pattern on her face. I don’t necessarily see editorial in these, but I also don’t see senior picture so I would say you are on your way!

  6. I like the second image more too! These lines full of dots direct my eyes to her eyes, nose and cheek. I would say if without those dots, this portrait may seem very usual. But those dots bring a lot of modern feeling to her and create geometrical sense of beauty!

  7. The composition in the second image is very confusing, and the dots make the image too busy, but it has a very beautiful quality with the softness of the lighting.

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