9 thoughts on “Taylor Galaszewski”

  1. I really like what you did to show depth of field. Definitely works in both photographs. The bottom one is definitely my favorite though.

  2. I think you did a really good job portraying different depths of field. The first photograph being a shorter depth of field, while the one underneath is more of a medium depth of field. In a way, these photographs almost tell a story, and It’d be interesting to learn more about what the background story of each photograph is. Also, I like how the bottom picture is blurred out… Although it’s a little frustrating that I want to look at the blurry parts and see them more crisp, I think it really works with this particular assignment. Good job!

  3. I feel like you achieved this project well and each of your images reflect the idea of using depth of field. My personal favorite is the second image because of the angle as well as the concept for the photograph. The images are well composed and properly exposed but for next time I would like more attention on dealing with dust. Just from the two images, I can see a lot of dust on your prints and this can be easily avoided by hand or in Photoshop. Overall you did a great job, and would love to see more.

  4. I really really enjoy looking at these photos they give me a sense of time travel. They remind me of the 1980s like a John Lennon type thing. There is also a sense of visual poetry to your image that I admire as a poet great job.

  5. As is mentioned above, you surely succeeded with depth of field! I’m not sure what the subject of the second image is (maybe it’s super obvious and I’m embarrassing myself here) but I don’t care. I just love looking at it. The grittiness of the images give the impression that they’re from a different era. I dig it.

  6. You succeeded with depth of field. I particularly enjoy the second image and the way as it fades out of focus as it comes toward you.

  7. Your subject choice is very interesting, the added depth of field makes it even more so. Perhaps you could explore this further by focusing on objects that relate more to one another.

  8. I love your sense of movement in the second photograph, along with your shallow depth of field. I think it helps guide the viewers eye specifically where you intend and also adds a nice form of contrast.

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