photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Hayley Cleghorn



Hayley Cleghorn
Art 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 8 1/2″ x 11″

My series is dealing with showing the every day objects, and adding a sort of serene and calming feel to them with the natural light shining on them. This series mainly deals with natural lighting and shadows, and how it reflects/ gives off a different feel for different objects and areas.

11 thoughts on “Hayley Cleghorn”

  1. I really like your first image. The lack of context gives the photo a geometric or abstract feel to it. I’m not sure it achieves the serene effect you were going for just because of the subject of the photo. I’m not sure that haphazardly stacked objects can be serene due to their inherently unstable nature.

  2. It’s very interesting that the description even for these two photos talks about the serene/calm feeling that natural light brings to objects. For me both images (especially the first one) make me feel uneasy and frightened.
    There is so much chaos going on in the top image with the direction of the lines all fighting each other as well as the hard lines of the object fighting the soft background.
    As for the second image light streaming through a window can most definitely create a calming visual, but in this case I feel like since we are seeing so much of the room I am anticipating something alarming to be lurking behind one of the doors in this hallway especially since it is a heavily shadowed hall.
    I truly enjoy the compositions (especially image one) but it’s always good to be aware of the emotions that natural light can bring.

  3. Great job with these. I like the concept and I think you were successful in bringing that to your photographs. I think your first photo is more successful than your first, as it is a bit more unique than a hallway. The second may look good in black and white– something to consider!

  4. I’m usually a fan of symmetry when it comes to hallway shots, but I love how the hall looks slightly off kilter and veers to the left a bit. I think it makes the photo look more eerie than calm, but I like it nonetheless.

  5. I find your initial image to be very interesting. the close up angle of the camera on the image leaves the eye to wonder what it is looking at or looking for. The image has good contrast, good exposure and good subject matter though abstract.

  6. I especially like the second image and how the hallway looks so small and the lighting emphasizes the texture on the floor. It doesn’t scream calm to me, more creepy, but the textures really are beautiful.

  7. What first captured my attention with these was the beautiful light that seems so diffused. It gives great detail as well as emphasizing texture. I wish the bottom image was not so centered, though it still remains a strong piece.

  8. The shot of the hallway caught my attention and held on. Bringing up questions: where am I? What’s behind these doors? I want to continue down the hallway. My initial mood to the scene was dark but after spending more time with the photo I began to feel more comfortable in the space and enjoy the shadows the natural light bring.

  9. I am a fan of both of these images. Your use of lines in these images is exquisite. I definitely sense feelings of serenity and calmness. I would love to see more in a series like this.

  10. After adding the interesting color change and light, the images definently achieve that idea of calmness. the objects seem to become patterns and shapes that are truly calming.

  11. I like the repetitiveness in both of these images. I wish the bottom image was zoomed in a little more but it still looks great!

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