photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Rebecca Gongora



Rebecca Gongora
ART 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints
Part of a 20 print series

Most of my work at the moment is about the exploration of personal identification and the social standards and stereotypes of gender and roles inside the home, as well as the chaotic life that is maintaining myself, my family, and the maintenance of the home. I am interested in my own personal identity as a woman, a mother, an artist and my relationships with others.

9 thoughts on “Rebecca Gongora”

  1. Your first image is very successful. It almost looks like an oil painting. I like the juxtaposition between the picturesque nature of the first photo and mundane nature of the second photo. It seems like it’s a comparison of the ideal and reality.

  2. Nice job with these. I love your theme and think you are quite successful with these two photos and would be interested to see the rest of your prints in this series. I think the first photo is more successful than the second. I love the idea of challenging the social norms of a baby with a grown up object like an iron. The second is good but the harsh light from the stove on the right side is pretty distracting. But overall, beautiful job.

  3. Dear Rebecca,

    Together these photographs are telling a story. They can stand alone too, but their combined story of the untold tales of the home, a home, home life is powerful.

    I really like how in the first image the child, a sort of classical cherub like curled pose, is not facing the viewer but looking down and away at the task at hand. Cleaning a carpet with a brush. It is unexpected. Is the child playing, repeating an adult chore or cleaning or is the child actually cleaning? These are questions the photograph’s composition illicit. Surrounded by empty space it is an image that could be staged or a truly captured moment in time. Either is intriguing. The image is dated by the type of brush the child is holding, otherwise also issues related to child labor comes to mind too.

    In the second photograph, the red glow of the forgotten electric burner makes the image. I think of the bus-i-ness of life and how often it is easy to forget to turn something off amongst the hussle and bustle. The red glow of the burner offers a glimpse or reminder of the dangers even in the daily sphere of cooking.

    Super work! Thank you for sharing!

    Best Regards,
    ~jojin van winkle

  4. I love the first image and the painter-like quality it has. I think it tells a story and conveys a message in a way the other image doesn’t. I think the other image would be more successful if it was shot more head on and the red light on the right was off.

  5. These are very strong images. I especially enjoy the top image, because it sends off a strong impression of home life. The second image expresses a similar impression, however, I think it could be improved with more context.

  6. That first photo Rebecca is great. It’s so simply but so intense. It’s interesting to see a small boy with a scrub brush which leads me to think of gender associated tasks and tools.

  7. I lobe your theme. Think about more than just the subject matter in your photos. How can you make it more interesting? Think about the composition when talking your photos. The lighting is great in the second one, but how can you make that more interesting to look at? Same with the top one. Maybe try playing with different and more dramatic angles.

  8. There’s something very scary movie-ish about both of these images and that just makes them stand out even more. They look like movie stills! It might just be the subject matter but I think you did a great job capturing these moments.

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