16 thoughts on “Abigail Jackson”

  1. Dear Abigail,

    As a general topic or theme, the importance of place for an individual, this is a topic many of us can relate to personally. Both images reference camouflage. In the top image the woman is engulfed in the field. It looks lyrical, her relationship with the land. I think taking out or changing the color of the bit of red of her shirt/jacket would really allow her to unify with the space.

    The second image has a more clinical feel. Two individuals constructed partially from maps. The manner of the roads on the male figure flows better then the map on the female figure. The strong horizontal line (a road, or border or river) near her mouth and across her face closes her off or almost looks like a gag or a censoring. Not sure if this was meant.

    Keep on making good work!

    Best Regards,
    ~jojin van winkle

  2. Is the woman in the top photo actually in the field or is she overlayed into it during editing? It’s hard for me to distinguish if the field is in front of her (creating the effect that she’s actually in the field) or if it’s behind her (creating the effect that she’s superimposed in the image).

    I also think it’s interesting where you chose to cut off the maps on the second image. The tips of the figures heads seem to mapless (or at least not as saturated) and I can’t quite pinpoint why that decision was made.

    Either way, both of these images leave me very intrigued.

  3. Wow, really great and powerful pictures. Both seem to portray completely different yet equally powerful interpretations. I am not even sure which I liked better because they are both so strong for different reasons. The first takes upon a feeling of solitude, finding one’s one place of importance for oneself. The second brings about unity in the separation of place. The second reminds me of a long-distance relationship– even though people are separated by place, there is beauty in that separation. Great job with these!!

  4. My goodness these pieces are STRONG.
    I am absolutely blown away by the second image. They make the presence of space almost a way of fictionalizing a person. They have a feeling of longing and searching that is desperate and almost unreal. As if distance between people can make it so they aren’t entirely real to one another. They are missing a person who doesn’t really exist.
    I feel like the male figure in the second piece may need to have a higher opacity perhaps to better match his female counter part, but other than that these are brilliant. Keep it going please.

  5. The simultaneous bleed of fog is very provocative and represents the ever present cocktail of emotions with me. Also, the two figure looks good in the map.

  6. You did a really good job here portraying the importance of place for an individual! The top photo is a really beautiful composition overall, and the tall grass is really successful in making the person seem like they’re apart of that place. The lighting and is really great too! The bottom photo kind of expresses your idea a little more clearly, and it’s a unique way to portray the importance of a place for a person. Great job overall!

  7. In your first image, the translucence of this girl created a dreaming vibe and those plants had a sense of motion which is nice. I really like your second photo because it is very thoughtful and creative. Maps are perfectly blended with them and I like how you left both of their top head mapless which make the whole image more humanized.

  8. I think your concept is well portrayed here. I’m intrigued by the map photo. Both images have great composition and are very well put together. I think these two photos could work well in the same series depending on what the rest of the series is like.

  9. I love the idea of these pieces! From someone who uses location and places as themes and inspiration in her work, I really appreciate these images and relate to them. The top image is awesome with the transparency of the girl. It portrays a ‘fleeting moment’ and that she was once in that location, it makes me think that if you go back to that spot you will feel her there and think of her. The second image is also very strong. The double exposure works wonders. It makes me think (based off of the maps, that the guy lives in the eastern part of Michigan and the girl lives in the western.

  10. Both images are interesting even if they are from different series. The woman in the field I cant figure out if she is in the field, in front of or behind. Was this your intention? The second image is interesting with the addition of the maps. Both images are great!

  11. Interesting subject matter, and really like your choice of colors in both images. The concept of the photographs really speak through in both images but I feel that it’s the strongest with the second image. It stands out more, especially with the use of the double exposure. Would be interested in seeing more work stem from this idea, since it such an interesting concept.

  12. The second image is definitely the strongest out of the two. I really enjoy the concept of location and human experience. I think overlapping a map over an individual is quite literal, but makes an aesthetically pleasing image.

  13. I absolutely love the tones in your first images and how you used a little bit more of a blurred subject. In that, however, I don’t quite understand the “importance of place” for the individual. But, in the second it is clear. Nice deliberate use of overlay/double exposure technique. Both very interesting and captivating compositions.

  14. I think these are awesome! Definitely get a sense of wanderlust from these images. I love the colors in the first picture and how the color of the wheat mimics her hair. The addition of the map in the second picture is a very good aesthetic choice. I also think it was very smart to have the two people facing each other, it capitalizes on their relationship and helps tell a story. Well done..

  15. These two photos really caught my eye. The bottom picture is my absolute favorite. For me it makes me think about how two people could be right next to each other but on the inside they are somewhere else. I love how the people are centered in the photo and that there is nothing in the background. I also enjoy the very few colors in this photo. It makes it seem like a very simple photo but with a big meaning.

  16. These are really well constructed double exposures. Both convey a real sense of a deep presence in a given environment, in a mental, spiritual way rather than a physical one. I like the second image especially, as features in the subjects are made up of the texture of the map rather than their skin and anatomy. Their hair for example are both at least partially rendered by the ocean of the map, and the eye might jump to roads within the piece to represent their eyes or other features.

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