14 thoughts on “Alex McDonald”

  1. Dear Alex,
    Of the two images for this type of assignment, the top image is the most enigmatic. It takes a few moments to realize these are forks. At first I thought these were parts from some sort of industrial object. The detail is great on the photography. Also working in multiple forks and multiples of this forms makes for a strong image.

    For the second image I’m wondering if by cropping tighter (mostly the metal parts with little of the clear plastic of the push pin) a sense of mystery could be conveyed more. In terms of making visual rhythm with the arrangement, this is successful.
    Great job.

    Best Regards,
    ~jojin van winkle

  2. Nice job with these! I love the idea behind the concept and think this is a unique way to approach photography. My mind does not want to give up figuring out what the objects in the two images are and that keeps me attracted to the photographs even long after I figure out the object. The first one, to me, seems a bit stronger than the second because of the centrality of the composition. Overall, great job.

  3. I like the series! I particularly like the top image because it makes you look longer to figure out what the object is. I also like the black background and lighting in the second image because they add to the ability to see through the base of the tacks and see their little scratches which is intriguing. I do agree with the previous commenter that it could be cropped, but maybe just a little bit off the top and bottom so you can’t instantly tell they are tacks.

  4. Great job! I really like this series! It is interesting to guess what that is. I like the composition of the objects. It is minimalist photographs.

  5. I really love the composition and ideas behind this series! I think the lighting is great in both photos. Especially in the top photo I had to look at the picture for longer than a couple seconds to realize what I was looking at. You did a good job with both of these photos, and the repetitiveness works really well here as well. I like the every day objects that you use as well, and it’s a unique new way to look at these objects in a different way!

  6. Your composition is spot on. I love the arrangements of the forks. Very intriguing. My eye moves from one prong to the next. The translucence of the tacks is very interesting. You’ve really made common objects something captivating to look at.

  7. Both images are successful in putting everyday objects in interesting arrangements. Because of this the textures stand out even more and we notice the “things” as objects. Great job on the lighting, composition and concepts.

  8. I think these are both very successful especially the first. The fork arrangement is very interesting and you have been able to take such a plain, unnoticed object and compose it in a way that is very intriguing and in its own way quite beautiful.

  9. This second image with the pins is an image I would have never taken, and I really like it. The tension is visceral for me, between how the pins are touching and the irregular border formed with the edge of the frame.

  10. I really enjoy this series due to it’s simplicity, but also to the special attention to it’s detail. Arranging everyday objects is an interesting topic and you capture the viewer’s attention.

  11. Wow, Alex. This is two very interesting subjects I love that you chose to photograph. The fact that they are everyday objects at play adds a very interesting component, but secondly, how you chose to capture them so they created visual texture for the viewer made both these compositions extremely successful. Very industrial, makes you think about their construction – how they were made. Well done.

  12. These are interesting photographs and really focus on the texture of the objects. It’s interesting to see the shapes that the objects create and I feel you were successful in placing them in an abstract composition. I also thought that it was great that your lighting was well composed and worked with the images.

  13. I love the patterns you created here. With the top image it took me a moment to see what the everyday object was, and I think that is even a bit more interesting than the ability to know what the object is right away (the bottom photo). Maybe if you stuck to taking close up shops taking the items completely out of context, making a pattern, while at the same time keeping the description to let the viewer know they should look for a familiar object in the photo.

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