11 thoughts on “Kelsi Miller”

  1. I like the sky. It looks clear and pure landscape photo. I also like the color. Both blue and brown color looks great! Good job!

  2. Dear Kelsi,

    It is an interesting choice to photograph landscapes in a vertical format. These two images from your series highlight the immensity of the skyscapes which hover over the sand dunes/coastal area. The coast is so small in comparison. It is as much of portrait of absence as well as place.

    I am wondering if there are any contrasting images also in the vertical format which have more of the rolling geography of the dunes and very little sky. This could be a good contrast.

    Good job with the time of day and color for the photographs.

    Best Regards,

    ~jojin van winkle

  3. Nice job with these! Both of these pictures really make me want to go to this said place of Ludington. Personally, I like the first photo over the second as I find it more successful and dynamic with the clouds and trees in the composition. The second has a nice simplicity to it but I think the first captures that as well, just in a slightly more dynamic way. Nice job! Very peaceful and serene photographs that capture the beauty of a place.

  4. The cropping and perspective of both of these images are great! I think you did a great job of capturing the coastal landscapes especially in the bottom image with just a peek of the water.

  5. Overall, I am captivated by the perspective in these. Very successful coastal landscapes primarily because I feel a great sense of openness in them – probably most beneficial to capture mainly sky in the frame. Beautiful colors.

  6. Both images are really beautiful, fresh and vivid. I like how you captured motions in landscape and colors in both are very smooth and natural. Good work!

  7. Both images really capture the essence of Ludington and Lake Michigan, the first image especially. In the first image there is more movement with the sand dunes. Having the majority of the images as blue sky makes the sand dunes the focal point, emphasizing the beauty of Ludington. These are great images.

  8. These are interesting landscape photos, but I would have liked to have seen them in a horizontally. The vertical format cuts off a lot of information in the second photo, and it would’ve been more successful if it were shot differently. The first image works great, and creates a balance of the sky and the grass. You use of color is also great, and love that you chose to keep to a simple palate and not over-saturate the image with the blues and yellows.

  9. Very great camera work is present here. I love how you left the colors so natural, to make you, as the viewer, feel present in the atmosphere.

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