photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Tyson Banh



Tyson Banh
Art 376: Beginning Photography
Silver Prints; 8″ x 10″
2 images in series

The series is of things and places we don’t normally see. In the first image, a 30-second long exposure was taken at the Memorial Union Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin. The second image is of a storefront on State Street, Madison, Wisconsin. Using a cropped-sensor lens on a 35-mm film camera gives the vignetting, commonly seen in fish-eye lenses.

9 thoughts on “Tyson Banh”

  1. I enjoy theses photos, they are very eye appealing. The grayscale you chose to shoot in really give me a sense of mystery in the photo it has me thinking, ” where is this place?” “whats the importance of this place to the artist?” I love the wonder feeling these two images give me.

  2. Both of these images are interesting and strong. The vignetting is great in the first image. I would like to see the table in the foreground of the second image opened up just a bit. Otherwise technically they are great.

  3. I really enjoy the second image. The terrace chairs are so identifiable to those of us in Madison. Recognizing the place makes it unsettling to see it vacant.

  4. I really think the top image is effective. I love the framing of it – how it was photographed with a very wide angle (with potentially a fisheye?). This photo is very interesting in that there are so many aspects that keep you very interested in it, whether that be things beyond the window, or in the display. Well done.

  5. I think it is greta how your experimenting with the camera (long exposure, cropped-sensor). The theme of your series of things and places we don’t normally see” is kind of lost. think about how you can make your theme more clear. I see chairs and storefront quite a bit. Maybe focus on “the little things” in those places, or take photos of hidden or unseen areas of these place. Like even a crevice in one of the tables, or a crack on the ground. Things we actually might not see waking by. Ya feel?

  6. I think the vignetting on the first image really helps the image. It brings the viewer’s focus right to the storefront, while framing it nicely. The second image is interesting as well: it’s somewhat chilling to see the Terrace in a dark, empty situation

  7. The bottom picture is just gorgeous!! I love that everything is just in focus (That long depth of field really adds to this image). Your eyes are free to explore without feeling like there’s too much to look at. I also love how you composed the image. Everything seems to be centered around that one light source in the back.

  8. I love how the long exposure reveals details you wouldn’t normally see with your naked eye. In reference to the second photo this long exposure creates a very eerie mood. The looming light in the distance creates a weird narrative too.

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