photography, Western Michigan University

Mandy Hess



Mandy Hess
ART 3470 Digital Photography I
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[v. ahy-suh-leyt; n., adj. ahy-suh-lit, -leyt]
-to set or place apart; detach or separate so as to be alone.

In an attempt to express different womens experience of isolation, I asked 10 different models to talk with me and explain places or situations in which they feel isolated. The common thread was hearing experiences of being afraid, unaccepted, or uncomfortable in the places they were in. As women in a patriarchal society, we are constantly told where we belong, how we should look and feel, and what will happen to us if we do not follow these given limitations. The series “In Isolation” attempts to take back the places each of these women felt most vulnerable and isolated in by placing them into the given spaces by choice.

photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Angela Johnson



Angela Johnson
ART 476: Intermediate Photography
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I have been collaborating with a Genetics lab on UW-Madison campus. I have been using a microscope as a campera and using a pipette to “paint” with liquid bacteria onto petri dishes. The bacteria has been colorized with shaved chalk. Then I have been photo documenting the bacterial growth over days and weeks until it dries up and cracks apart.