photography, Western Michigan University

Amanda Hess



Amanda Hess
ART 3470 Digital Photography I
digital print
20 Image total


[v. ahy-suh-leyt; n., adj. ahy-suh-lit, -leyt]
-to set or place apart; detach or separate so as to be alone.

In an attempt to express different womens experience of isolation, I asked 10 different models to talk with me and explain places or situations in which they feel isolated. The common thread was hearing experiences of being afraid, unaccepted, or uncomfortable in the places they were in. As women in a patriarchal society, we are constantly told where we belong, how we should look and feel, and what will happen to us if we do not follow these given limitations. The series “In Isolation” attempts to take back the places each of these women felt most vulnerable and isolated in by placing them into the given spaces by choice.

6 thoughts on “Amanda Hess”

  1. I really like the second one. The lighting is good and the short depth of field draw viewers’ attention on her. Also her composition and facial expression looks very confident.

  2. The theme of isolation in women and taking power back is interesting! The shadows that move in four directions from the models feet in the top image is really compelling. The shorter depth of field in the second image puts more of the focus on the model rather than the space as a whole. Nice work.

  3. I feel like these images are successful except in the fact that the lighting is making the tone seem less serious and worrisome than you seem to want it to come across to us. I feel like perhaps decreasing the exposure and/or increasing the contrast of the photos will help to give a scarier/more isolated feel to the images.
    Right now it almost looks as if she is simply waiting on someone rather than feeling vulnerable in the space she is in.

  4. The lighting is very good in these photos. However, as mentioned in earlier comments, I feel like these images aren’t as visually expressing the intent you are looking for. Perhaps putting these in a black and white composition would be more assertive in expressing your idea.

  5. I really enjoy the shadows in the first photo. I think you could’ve done some very cool things with the background scene. Maybe some even more intense lighting would create a more dramatic environment. I love the second one. Her expression is very interesting.

  6. Your images really reflect your concept well. Great composition and lighting in both of these! Lighting in parking garages can be difficult, so great job with that.

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