12 thoughts on “Elizabeth Kinsella”

  1. This whole year one thing that has stood out to me is how look at things, and how moving just a little bit can make a huge difference. By focusing in on a subject you can create something abstract, thats why I really enjoy your first image, simple shapes and shading can make for a very interesting image.

  2. Great concept. Its all about perception! I still, after staring for a while, have no idea what the top image is. Im sure its something very common! I think compositionally these are both great. There is nothing distracting me from the subject. I also think they are successful in their black and white tones with that nice amount of contrast. Nice work

  3. I really think this concept is great and I like how the black and white very emphasizes shape instead of what the particular object is.

  4. I love how the similarity in composition of these pieces gives two different objects such harmony. Like they probably don’t belong together in real life, but here they feel like they belong because you are drawing on their similarities when you look at them from different perspectives rather than just straight forward.

  5. Love the soft focus in both images! If you continue working with this series, the second image could be made stronger by eliminating the toe of the boot – that’s the only thing that gives away what the object is, making it slightly less abstract than the first image, which gives no clues.

  6. You got nice shadows in these photographs and I think it adds a nice element to them. I also like how I have no idea what the objects actually are, you did a nice job with what you were aiming to do.

  7. I really enjoy the shadows in these images. Compositionally, these are very strong and I really like the sense of abstraction that you have in these photos.

  8. These photos play off of each other really well. The abstraction is very well done as well as composition. I’m sure the objects have nothing to do with each other, but you made them look cohesive. Amazing job!

  9. These are interesting because the viewer wants to understand what the object is, but you’ve moved the perspective so it’s hard to tell. This idea is so interesting and could probably produce some pretty trippy images.

  10. Changing the perspective of an object can drastically change how one perceives it. For example, I didn’t think to know that the second image is a pair of boots until I read the description. I think it’s neat that you’re exploring how seemingly every day objects can become so abstract just by looking at them in a set angle.

  11. I love how abstracted these objects are. Like I can tell those are rain boots but I love that you can see them in a different way. The short depth of fields worked really well for you here.

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