9 thoughts on “Frangely Luciano”

  1. The color looks really great and it has a dreamy atmosphere. The glasses look rich. It is more abstract to me. The light settings are impressive.

  2. I think both of these photos are really beautiful! The colors are amazing, and rich and have great lighting to showcase the wine glass. Without the top photo, I wouldn’t have known what object was in the bottom photo, but I think these two photos together are really powerful and successful. I’d like to see more images n this series, and I’m curious to see what other ways you frame the wine glass with the lights. Great job overall!

  3. Wow, these are very compelling! The top image gives a reference point for the second image that is more abstracted.
    The background in the top image is beautiful. Your colors are bright, use of rich black and the images are well composed. Nice job!

  4. These images are a great play with color and distortion with glass and other materials. I think the bokeh was a smart decision as to what was being distorted – it gives the sense of calm yet alive, and are very compelling to look at.

  5. I like the concept of using an object like a wine glass to warp or manipulate light. Nice framing in both images, they are pleasant for me to look at. However I wish I could see more of the background in the second image as well as I wish that it was opened up a little more in terms of exposure.

  6. Colors are so pretty in both images. First I was drawn into the first image which I think the glass, the water and the light are just working perfectly together. Then the second image grabbed my attention too. The colors are even stronger than the first one. But I love both of your images. Great job!

  7. These images are very beautiful. The vividness of the colors is very strong & I agree that both of these photographs are very compelling. I think the bottom image is more successful than the top image. The concentrated bokeh on the left side of the photograph puts the image off balance a bit. Beautiful work!

  8. I wish there was a description here about the work. Nevertheless, this work is extremely attractive simply because of the various colors at first glance. The composition in the above photo is intriguing in that to me I get a feel of the universe and it’s many lights and stars trying to expand or disperse further, yet the tangibles of reality obstruct their journeys.

    The bottom composition is beautifully subtle and balances out negative space with strips of light alone. The abyss is no bother, but rather an enhancer to the overall essence of the subject.

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