14 thoughts on “Jordan Kaster Schultz”

  1. These are very compelling and well composed. I specifically like the netted one, it could stand on it’s one without the series because it makes such a tremendous statement.

  2. Yes, I agree that the netted one is really strong and very representative for the feeling trapped idea. Compositions and lighting are both very nice. I also like the blurred feeling in your first image. It left us a lot of imagination about this mysterious girl because we can not really clearly see what is she doing.

  3. The image with the net is gorgeous. The grime of the walls and the color of the water is very reminiscent of the visual aesthetic of director David Fincher. It is a very profound image by itself, I’d love to see the rest of the series.

  4. You have chosen the perfect 2 out of the series I saw when we critiqued. These 2 together really portray an eerie feeling of claustrophobia and distress. I think the coloring of the photos only successfully adds to the ominous feeling you have created.

  5. Both of these images are powerful. Both of these have a narrative and beauty that speaks to the inner struggles woman and individuals have regarding isolation, belonging, and acceptance. Very well done

  6. These images are very powerful. The concept is clear, but could be interpreted differently. The juxtaposition of the blur in the top photograph and the clarity of the second photograph is well thought out in placement.

  7. i really enjoy both of these photographs both together and separately. they are very cinematic as well as composed beautifully and with wonderful light and color.

  8. Both of these compositions came out very well. There is definitely a sense of struggle and despair that is coming through very well. I think your use of the fishnet in the second was ingenious. The water itself is also very dark which adds to the feeling of desolation and hopelessness. You definitely have a knack for working with the human body, keep it up!

  9. Both photographs grabbed my attention, but the one with the net left me and two other students sitting by me speechless. I often feel trapped within myself and this image is a great depiction of the human condition. I have issues not only with my self image but with my own sexuality, often leading to depression. This by far spoke volumes to me on a personal level, and thank you so much for sharing it with the world.

  10. These images are so mysterious, creepy but beautiful at the same time. The idea of a horrible image being beautiful is a lovely contradiction. Amazing work.

  11. Both of these photos caught my attention. They are both mysterious and creepy. The top photo captures isolation and maybe thoughts of suicide, and mentally feeling trapped while the bottom photo is the actual moment of attempting suicide. The net is physically showing that she is trapped.

  12. These are extremely well composed. Based on your description, you definitely got you theme across. I feel conflicted and trapped looking at these, especially the bottom picture. There’s a very exposed feeling to it and I think the coloring of the image brings that out as well.

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