8 thoughts on “Molly Wiegand”

  1. Even with the background out of focus, the eyes do not settle on the area in focus, and a little to much saturation. The natural lighting works beautifully to bring out the colors in the natural space.

  2. I like the idea of the subject blending and being more of a peripheral in the image. I do think the bottom image is more successful than the top image. If the man’s head was cropped so it included only the neck he would blend in more with the scenery. Would like to see what other colors you work with.

  3. I really enjoy how the color of the shoes/scarf are striking similar to the color of the leaves. Do the other photos within the series also play on other colors like yellow and orange? That would be interesting to see how humans, through color, can parallel themselves to the color of nature.

  4. I agree with Erika, a little bit too much saturation in these images. If your camera allows, try bumping the aperture down a little bit more as well to blur out the background out a little more – would allow for a little more focus on your subject. Overall, well done on capturing what you set out to – RED! 🙂

  5. I see you are trying to bring out the red in these images. It is a nice idea to bring the eyes to a certain subject, but there is too much saturation and my eyes look everywhere, because everything is bright. Perhaps you could tone down the saturation and keep the main subject matter in color and fade the rest by doing black and white? I’m not sure, but if you are trying to draw attention to the red items, you should edit these photos further.

  6. Wow the colors are amazing! I love how the shoes compliment the leaves and the the opposite, but for the first one I am not sure whether to look at the scarf or the tree in the back. Even though the tree is out of focus, it might be helpful to have a plainer background with the colorful feature more in the front. Just a thought, great job!

  7. I agree with Erica, the saturation is a little too much. The first photo is compositionally more successful than the second. I think either focus on the shoes or the red leaf, not both.

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