9 thoughts on “Morgan Sandacz”

  1. Really impressive portraits. It is brilliant that you used a white background to blend with this girl. Compositions are very exaggerate and full of expression. And I really like her dark make up which stands out nicely.

  2. These images are striking. I think the white paint and the white background work well for the image by abstracting the body. I would maybe bump up the contrast a bit.

  3. Its very interesting how you used a white background for this white girl, it emphasizes the textures and the subject matter in a strong way. However the bottom image is a bit confusing because the body is distorted or shaped in a certain way that seems unnatural.

  4. I love the white on white in these. It’s a fun palate to work with. The contrast between the white and the dark makeup gives an interesting effect because you see the eyes and lips before anything else. Well done!

  5. The second image is too neutral in terms of composition compared to the first. The makeup is beautiful. In photos like these where the figure blends in with the background lighting becomes very important. Play with shadows to get your theme across, you are losing the figure in the bottom image.

  6. Props to any makeup and hair people involved with this series, she looks absolutely wonderful.
    The white on white used for this is really intriguing, I’ve never seen work that purposefully tried to do have one color almost completely throughout without it being a camouflaging attempt.
    I can see why you went with a name like consume for these works. The model looks not only like she has physically been consumed by something (in this case the color white) but like this very physical take over is also something that is consuming her as a person. As if the white is a physical symptom of an entity that grabs control of a person’s mind and spirit.
    The expressions on her face are marvelously executed as well, it looks like she has been consumed by this entity and is now ready to consume someone herself.
    All in all, wonderful execution in all aspects of these pieces. Brava.

  7. First of all, the series title works really well with these pictures. The woman definitely seems consumed by all of the white in the picture, and it’s really intriguing. I really like the personality of the top photo, and overall the images seem really delicate and smooth. They’re both really appealing to the eye, and the massive amount of white brings your attention to the pictures almost right away. Great job overall!

  8. These images captured my eye and I love them. They are very unique and embody a creepy yet awesome vibe. I really like where you are going with this!

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