6 thoughts on “Nicholas A. Johnson”

  1. I’m a little confused about the top image, I think these images have stretched for some reason but I want to see an entire series about the remains of what looks like a house fire. I’m intrigued and I think you should continue this.

  2. I like the subject matter and documenting this but the top image is a little out of focus so that my eye doesn’t stay in the image for long. I would like to see more of the blanket and the cord in focus personally. The bottom image is what tells the narrative of the first image and I also think that it is framed well. I am also curious what the intention was of the series.

  3. I think you should try to shoot these surfaces straight on and as clinically as possible. The angle at which your shooting is too severe and distorting subject matter without much intention. seems you are interested in the texture to think about how to document and relay that texture to the viewer. These images look a little haphazard to be honest.

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