7 thoughts on “Reina Wicklund”

  1. Reina I love how clever this is. The lighting is really nice as in it gives a warm feeling and illuminates just the right amount of skin and hair. It is also ironic that your portraits are of deer and your name is Reina (as in reindeer teehee).

  2. Amazing portraits, the concept of the photographs really stand out. I would have liked to see the black shirt blended more into the black background, to make it seem as though your photographing a mounted deer head. The exposure and technicalities of the images are spot-on and I would like to see more portrait work from this idea. It would be interesting to see what other animals you could create using different individuals as subjects.

  3. I believe these portraits are very successful both literally and figuratively in the sense of the self. There are no distractions in the background and it really gives you something to think about. Well done.

  4. The decision to use a black background was very successful in these compositions. The expression she has also works really well, the straight face doesn’t take away from the concept of the deer as I believe a frown or smile would have. Overall, I think these are very effective and well composed images.

  5. The stark contrast of the background and the subject in these portraits is very successful. It makes the viewer look only at the girl in makeup, and intensifies the curiosity of what she is wearing since there is no distraction in the back.

  6. These are some very well done profile shots! Although simple, costume design was done very well. It’s very creative and i find myself wondering what inspired you to do it. I’d love to see more of your work!

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