Kellogg Community College, photography

Schuyler Jeffers



Schuyler Jeffers
ART 227 Digital Color Photography
Digital Prints; 8″ x 12″

Series: Historic Marshall – A total of 20 photos

These photos are some of the photos I shot for my final exam project in my Digital Color Photography class. These to me are the photos that I think I personally did the best on in terms of over all quality.

4 thoughts on “Schuyler Jeffers”

  1. I think the sense of composition in these photographs is quite good with a clear interest in light, but i recommend trying to work with finding different angles when shooting

  2. The lighting in both these images are great, especially in the lower photo; it is very difficult to capture light in darker times of the day. The lighting in the top photo is very subtle and adds a silhouette to the image. I do recommend you explore lighting further.

  3. Keep exploring with lighting, you’ve done a great job so far. I also really enjoy the composition in both of these photos. Maybe work on different distances in the future. You’re about the same distance from the subject in each of these and that can get redundant if done too often.

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